Which filterboard for my Ambika?

Hi everyone!
finally, I’m short before ordering all the needed Ambika stuff.
I take the Starter Kit (smr4 included) PLUS 4 or 5 voicecards

What I want:
Priority for chord sounds!
I think, a second Ambika would become a Drum/Perc?Snappy stuff 6 voice synth :smiley:
but now… just the chord sound is important for me

I completely fell in love with these sounds from Olivier’s Ambika demos on Soundcloud:

3.The “AutoAe” preset
18. “Epic” preset
19. The “Epno” preset from the Shruthi-1… finally played in polyphony
30. “Vibrator” preset
41. Warm piano

I would be highly interested which filterboard they use!
I thought the svf voicecard would fit the bill because of flexibility but I don’t know it at all

Can you help me out?
thanks to all, cheers julian

I have pretty much the same question. I would love some polyphonic side-by-side demoes of Ambika with SMR4 and 4P.

I’m leaning to the 4P but won’t know until I hear them. I know about the mp3 with all filter boards but its a bit to little to go on.


i also just listened to that file.
Must say I don’t really like the svf sound in that case (from that single demo, I’ve heard). Sounds thin and more agressive.
smr4 sounds nice but I don"t know, if less punch would suit better for chord stuff. So just tending to the 4P sound.

…the thing is, hp and bp are also nice for pads etc…

3 Ambikas are needed! Q.E.D.

Sure :slight_smile:

here is my commentary about the topic in a previous discussion that might help you

Hi MicMicMan
I read the complete thread. thanks a lot.
Still the question which filterboards for these audio demos have been used?

it seems that all the demo songs were performed with a 6xSMR setup.

Yes, all demos were recorded with a 6x SMR setup - because that’s what the kit comes with.

hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm…
thanks a lot! would you say, with the 4P, it sounds the same awsome, compared to the examples I gave above?
I have 2 shruthi smr4 and I like them a lot, but the 4P seems also to be very interesting

@youkon there are some examples using a 6x 4P Voice Card Ambika here


thanks a lot! this helped me! your sounds are incredibly “real” …so vivid. your first two examples sound like real instruments!
I would be very interested in other users demos of the different voicecards as well!
anyone else, perhaps?

The problem is the Anushri sounds so gorgeous with every filter board

this is true!
In my Eurorack, I have 5 different filters, each for different purpose. One filter working great for a special sound may not work for another kind of sound.
Would like to find out, for what purpose each different voicecard is best for

OT: fcd72, do you already own your Cirklon? :slight_smile:

I guess you meant Ambika, frank :wink:

im not allowed to say so anymore here :slight_smile:
we should start a german circlon owners club…

all those a-names…

I suppose all those As makes us these guys:

Bit OT, I’m afraid, but has anyone got any good drum/percussion sounds out of the SVF Voice Card? I was trying to make some drum kit setups with just the 4P cards a while ago, but I got discouraged when I wasn’t able to produce a convincingly thumpy kick.


this is for me on topic as well!
let’s discuss, what the different filters are suitable for

with lots of audio demos :smiley:

i’m leaning towards the 4P…because it has a ballsier more “american” filter sound.

but this demo is awesome of the SMR.