Which Facebook group does Olivier post to regularly?


I’m following the main Mutable Instruments forum on FB, but it hasn’t had a post since April. I hear there’s another forum Olivier posts to regularly. What’s it called?


I’m not sure which “forum” you are refering to. I don’t belong to any facebook group.

If this can reassure you, I don’t post updates about Mutable Instruments on any social media platform, simply because there are no worthy updates :slight_smile: (besides the new products announcements and the VCV ports…)

Once in a while I post on lines.

I regularly have to walk between places and when the light is nice, take pictures.


I’ve been following https://www.facebook.com/mutable.instruments/. I’ll make sure I check the forum here instead, though. Thanks for the heads up.


Just btw, what sort of photographic equipment do you use? I’m fully expecting you to say “the camera in my phone”, but the careful framing of many of your shots suggests that a viewfinder might still be involved. There’s something about squinting through one eye to compose a shot… and the satisfying clunk of the SLR mirror flipping up and the shutter opening…


The camera in my phone :slight_smile: Of course some of the framing is corrected post-hoc with instagram.

Yes, I miss the viewfinder of my SLR, and my eyes are probably still trained to spot details and scenes and frame things mentally at 21mm and 77mm (with a 1.5 crop factor). But I wouldn’t carry that around with me everywhere and that’s the point!


Sadly I understand that all-too-well. My dSLR has been effectively gathering dust since I got an iPhone with a (semi) decent camera.


Sounds like we should have a photography sub-forum :slight_smile: (All of my photography is with a dslr - either landscapes, caving, diving or climbing)


I’ve found the key to carrying a camera with me is to have a bag that simply works. It has to work for other stuff too, be very ergonomical and the camera has to come out easily.

Plus, it can’t be too ugly. Which is difficult with camera bags.

I’ve been happy with Peak Design. :+1:


I’m almost incapable of taking a photo without a tripod ! Almost all of my favourite photos have been taken on a tripod - so I end up lugging far too much kit… (I find that the tripod makes me slow down and think about the photo far more)