Which eurorack case is used in MI demo videos? And other modular questions

Hey guys,

so I’m thinking about going modular, getting totally addicted to it, losing everything I own and ending up a weirdo loner making crazy sounds all day.

Before I can begin to persue that task, I need a proper case to start with. And the desktop rack from the MI demo videos looks just perfect. Can anybody tell me where to find it or what it is called?


The green and pink ones are DOEPFER Low Cost Cases in 6U and its also available in 9U which is a bit better deal. Both are lacking 5V from the PSU so i recommend the MutableInstuments Volts Adapter some cable to wire the BusBoards together…

Thanks for the quick help. I was talking about the rack in this video:

That is a different unit, or am I getting something wrong?

This is a very flat desktop Skiff, i wouldnt recommend it as you never can be shure your modules fit in there because it has only limited depth…

And if you want to expand beyond those limits, you’ll be screwed. And you will expand…sooner or later !


Haha, thanks guys. You’re right of course. Just thought it was super sexy.

This is a skiff from Enclave. It is actually not a good choice because there is too little space between the panel and the part of the skiff in which the power supply board is mounted - I really had to fight a lot to get the modules to fit - and not all combinations of modules could have been possible. If you really like the look of these, I suggest you to get their boat to get more space.

But obviously, big cases provide more expansion capabilities. 6U can be relatively easily lugged through Cambridge. Not 9U :slight_smile:

That boat skiff looks really sweet. Thanks. I will check what the system I have in mind will need and see if it’ll fit. Generally I like the idea of a rather closed system that has a specific function instead of mixing too many possibilites. Was thinking about a kind of wavetable/digital-OSC box that can layer several sound sources on top of each other.

Would it be cool to ask for some module suggestions when I’m getting stuck at figuring that stuff out and to make sure it’ll work out as planned?

For the Oscillators: Braids. Another Braids. And a Frequency Central Waverider for that LoFi digital trash sparkle a la PPG.

One or two Braids are definitely on the list. The sound examples are what gave me the idea in the first place. I wanted to combine those with maybe a Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium and a Cylonix Cyclebox. Then I would have four voices.

Then comes the part where I need to wrap my head around: In the best case, all four voices would have seperate ADSRs and a way to filter them seperately with lo/hi-pass filters which also could have individual ADSR control.

I have an Octatrack that I thought of using as lfo, seq, mixer and filter for those four voices as it has four inputs. The only downside would be that the envelopes would need to be triggered manually for every note. But that is a solution I can live with if it saves me hundreds of Euros.

If I do it like that, I basically just would need a rather complex midi-to-cv interface, right? If not I would need 8 ADSR modules, 4 filters and 4 vcas, wouldn’t I?

But in general this setup would be a sound laying beast, kind of a dream come true.

Cyclebox is a good choice - it has interesting digital mixing modes for its internal oscillators, and it’s the “retina display” of waveform synthesis (don’t bother with anti-aliasing, just do things at an insanely fast rate with a FPGA). But the Morphing Terrarium, seriously? It’s a rip-off, it does 3% of what Braids does for the same price. Its redeeming feature might be the LFO mode, but there are probably better LFOs.

The MIDI interface you’ll need is probably that:

Oh, ok. Thanks. I just really liked the sound examples I found over the web. Good thing to ask here first. You know that you’re the man, right? :slight_smile:

I listened to the demos on the analogue haven page and did not hear anything that Braids could not do - interpolation artefacts aside (first two seconds of this).

Wow, I didn’t realize that there was information available about your other modules as they are not linked on the mi website. Yarns seems to be perfect.

Second Pichenettes-Braids does 90% of the Morphing Terrarium for just $10 more and throws in most of a Cloud Generator for free…

Another quick question about the upcoming Frames module: If I plug in four different sound sources, could I modulate all four VCAs independently with ADSR modules? And then I could modulate the relative volume of each source via the main encoder, right?

Seems like it’ll be a 90% Mutable Instruments system :slight_smile:

here you have a more or less complete list of all the euro cases sorted by region :


> If I plug in four different sound sources, could I modulate all four VCAs independently with ADSR modules?

No. Just look at the panel - you would need 8 inputs for that (4 signal inputs and 4 VCA inputs). The point of Frames is that all VCA are controlled together from one single parameter.

Ok, thanks. Sorry for all the questions. This is all new terrain for me.