Where to look for second hand gear?

I remember eBay being a decent way to find used gear back in the late 90s. However, these days it seems like everything you find there is wildly overpriced. Is this just a case of the demand for vintage gear having grown greatly, or are there any other sources I should be looking at?

The demand has increased a lot in recent years, so try your local version of eBay/Craigslist/whatever they call it (ours is Den Blå Avis)…

Sure looks like it. I really feel bad about the stuff I sold in the late 90s. :wink:

What xactly are you looking for?

Having just sold various MI stuff on eBay for final prices rather less than when I advertised them here, I think relative bargains are possible. From a seller’s perspective, the biggest issue with eBay is the outrageous cut (10%) they take when you’ve successfully sold something. The ads pages of Sound on Sound is another option in the UK.

The dutch synthforum has a lot of gear going around

Nothing in particular; I just noticed that every time I look up some gear that interests me I find that the prices seem to be much higher than feels reasonable.

A recent example is the Akai VX600 which I found interesting because I have a soft spot for small gear. Maybe it’s just me being cheap, but what these go for on eBay seems a bit out there. :slight_smile:

I have a SixTrak to let go in good hands which has the same Curtis Voicechips…

@fcd72 I don’t think there are many late 80s analog synths that didn’t use CEM parts. :wink: As I said my main interest is the small footprint of the Akai.

I have a Stitchsaw, ill gladly include it so you can adjust the footprint to your like :wink:

Hmmm shipping a 4 octave keyboard synth from Germany to USA is probably very expensive…

I will have to check if its 10kg or 20kg, the later is 68€…

i love the sixtrak was my fist real synth. Somebody grab it!

somebody worthwhile…

ebay is actually very good if you buy stuff from auctions, which is after all the primary purpose of ebay. People go a bit nuts with the buy it now prices. If you think things are too expensive perhaps you should try looking at some of the less “famous” synths. I think having the name Moog on a synth seems to increase it’s value by at least 50%!

Also regarding the price rises. I have kept a fairly close eye on this for the last 10 years or so, i actually considered buying a few synths as investments. To cut a long story short I didn’t and I believe they don’t go up more in price much more than inflation. So yes you may have only got £200 for your synth in 1990 that now sells for £500, but you will have £500 if you took your £200 and invested it in a decent bank account etc.

Inflation calculator

I believe this guy uses a tracker to find the average prices, Im not sure how current it is though…


That’s a good link. It seems quite accurate to me.

I think the real bargains at the moment are the less fashionable stuff, which will probably be digital I guess. For young people forming bands it must be a great time. You can get old analogue, old digital, old VA and new VA and new analogue. If you want a drum machine units like the R8 or DR880 are great sounding and cost a fraction of the price for an 808 or a 909. Keyboards like the Yamaha SY series or the AN1x give all the sounds you need if you don’t mind digital / VA. Or you can splash out £200 and get a real analogue Roland Alpha Juno or for a bit more a Juno 60 if you want sliders and knobs.

It’s a good time to be into electronic instruments that’s for sure.

I might add that if you search a lot on ebay, some tool like this one (developed by a friend of mine) comes in quite handy: https://www.slidoo.com/
It does nothing you can’t do on ebay directly, but I find it to make the whole process much easier and quicker.

That looks really cool, but close to useless for anyone over the pond - I use the UK or german ebay, since I can set those to “European union only”, thereby neatly avoiding sellers outside of EU, and as a result I won’t have to pay a ridonculous fee for the item when it enters Denmark… (Taxes and stuff)