Where to get a Volts?

Planning ahead and getting a Volts. But it is out of stock at MI and only in stock at dealers on the EU mainland who want to charge around 15-20 euros for shipping (more than the unit costs itself).

I suppose I could make one since it does appear to be just a switch-mode regulator? connected 12v and ground with the output pin to 5v?

Did you check the github? :wink:

I have one I got with a order, and since I’m using the Meanwell, I have more than too much juice for the +5 rail, so I could ship it to you ?

Yeah, the Meanwell is a +5V Monster……

If you are too lazy… It’s back in stock.

I’m creatively lazy :wink: (I bought a robot vacuum cleaner recently lol).

Ordered from MI.

@V Cent, I ordered before I read your post properly doh, sorry.

Hey, no problem :slight_smile:

@V`cent does this mean that if you have Meanwell T60B and fcd72 busboard you do not need Volts ?

Yes, as long as you connect the +5v on the busboards :slight_smile:

That’s why I also have a volts that I don’t need anymore :smiley: T60B is awesome.

T60B + fcd72 busboard + wood is all you need to go modular.

Oh, and some spare change for the modules.

Ohhh Yeah !

btw. the friendly guys at londonmodular also have volts in stock