Where to get 9mm PCB-mount Alpha pots in Europe?


I’m would like to find the 9mm vertical PCB-mount alpha pots somewhere in Europe, I found them at mammoth but for the quantity I need, the delivery price is a killer, not to talk about customs taxes (had a very disapointing experience recently with Digikey in this regard, so now I’m reluctant to order from USA).
I tried musikding but they only have horizontal ones… And I couldn’t find them in the usual shops I order from (bitsbox, farnell, reichelt)

Is there anybody out there who nows of a seller who can ship then from europe?


Not sure if these will do, but they are available from CPC Farnell for £1.28 each inc VAT (with free postage on ALL orders placed via the web site!):


Does it have to be Alpha? Alps RK09 and the 9mm Panasonic and Bourns and CTS pots have the same standardized footprint. Or you could get some Soundwell stuff from Alibaba/China.

Also, RS and Conrad could have something. Rapid didn’t last I checked.

Thanks for suggestions guys, the Alps or Panasonic are probably the ones I’ll get in the end if I can’t find the Alpha, but most of these shops don’t have them in as many values as Mammoth. Didn’t knew about Rapid and RS, but they don’t seem to have any of these.

I tried the Alpha on a recent Manhattan Analog CVP kit from Thonk, and I find them better than the Panasonic, they are tougher to turn, they feel sturdier, these where horizontal mount, the same they have on musikding.

@Jojjelito I hope it is not the same with other brands, but the Panasonic are not all exactly the same, there are some small differences that can make them not fit.
For my first PCB design in Eagle, I settled on some panasonic, and as they seemed to all have the same footprint, I picked a random one, turns out it was EVU-F2A, the two grip pins on the side have a diameter hole of 2,1mm
I then proceded to order my Panasonic pots from the same series, but the ones I ordered where with bushing, ref EVU-F2M, turns out these need a hole of diameter 2,2mm for the two grip pins on the side, so my pots don’t fit, this is not a big issue, I just cut the two pins and put them there, but I had to make some dirty soldering so they would be well fixed to the PCB and not move (the bushing was too small to pass through the panel, should have checked measurements). I then realised these panasonics are hard to find in various values and this is also true for the alps (I could only find 10k in cpc.farnell for instance, or I’m really dumb browsing through their millions-entry catalogs).

That’s why I’d love to find an equivalent to Mammoth in Europe, one part ref and footprint, all values.

I finally found some of them on Mouser, the reference to look for is RV09AF
looks like they’re the right part, will place an order soon and report :slight_smile: