Where to find a sheet metal company who can build metal case?


I’m searching a metal company who can build metal in prototype quantity : 1, or 2.

I find some company, but they only work with others company, not private customers.

It’s to do some special case, like tilted 19’’ rack, or things like that.

Any thought ?

Thanks. Bye

Adrian might be able to help you.

Yes, i know, but i know he also have a lot of work with all the case he must do :smiley:

(Ambika, Anushri, Shruthi, LXR,…)

And i’m in Canada, so shipping case, can be quite expensive to here, but i will try.

There is a Canadian company that specializes in small case runs. Check out Protocase.com based in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They do very good work.

Cool site, i will try it, thanks !