Where to buy Modular Synth PCBs?

I was wandering where to post this and noticed this forum has appeared.

I really like the idea of starting to build some modules. Just the standard common modules to start with. I have found that it is hard to find sources for PCBs though, so I have started a list of suppliers. I’m updating this as more sources are mentioned by MI forum members.

Forum posts

Thomas Henry 555 VCO

Sources for kits / pcbs

cat girl synth

Papareil Synth Labs


hexinverter shop

dmachinery (modules coming soon)

United Kingdom
Euro size blank panels

Michael Barton (quite esoteric modules)
Music from outer space

tindie.com This is a marketplace site so does not keep stock.

VCO PCBs (What I’m looking for)
Magic Smoke XR2206

you can pm fonik, maybe he has some leftovers from the run. other than that it depends what format you’re looking for (euro apparently) and boards only or panels and / or kits.
for euro i’d recommend having a look at elbie designs, laurie is selling full kits, or boards, you can customize your order

ah, finally, a modular section!
although the two subsections seem slightly limited.
just “diy modules”, and “modular instruments modules” - as if those were the only two options. :slight_smile:

@dunk: some pcbs and kits can be purchased via commercial shops like thonk.co.uk, synthcube.com, or elby-designs.com. but matthias/fonik/fonotronik sells his diy stuff directly via muff threads like the one you linked to.

in fact, i’ve been trying to contact him about a set of pcbs for that same oscillator, cause i thought if i build the one i’m getting from frank, i might just as well build a second one, while i’m at it. but he isn’t answering. probably too busy revising the new version of his ps3100 resonator module, which won’t be released as a kit, but as a complete module…

I can totally recommend the Turing Machine Sequencer (thonk). Comes as a full kit and it a whole lot of fun!

@rumpelfilter: yeah, i’m planning to build one of those, too. but they are currently out of stock, and thonk is waiting for the next board revision till they restock.

also 4ms – and another guy I won’t mention or it will sound like advertising – has some interesting DIY kits and/or PCBs

Hex has a new product that just came out, Im grabbing some

the jupiter storm http://cv.hexinverter.net/?projects=jupiter-storm-eurorack-module

Excellent, I will add Thonk, elbydesigns and my synthcube to my 1st post. I think I would like to so with the Euro standard size. Seems a good compromise, and I see Mutable Instruments are using the standard too.

I will have to join up to the Muffwiggler forum I think, I did have a look at fonotronik’s facebook page but it didn’t lead anywhere.

+1 for 4ms!
great modules, and excellent documentation for their kits!

and they are really commited to diy. their modules usually come out as complete modules first, but always get released as kits, later.

i think i even remember dann saying at muff’s that there will be an extra diy-friendly through-hole revision of his new qplfo, because the complete modules use too much smt for diy…

  • you don’t have to import 4ms kits from the us yourself, but can get them from schneider’s etc…

L-1 has some nice things.

and tindie

It’s going to take me a while to digest these links. Elbydesigns appeals to me the most to start with, seems to have a good selection of pcbs, part and full kits. The wasp suitcase full kit for $500 is pretty amazing!

Magic Smoke Electronics @ www.magsmoke.com has the XR VCO and the Mankato filter by Thomas Henry. Both are excellent. Also, drive by State Machine on E-m and lay your mitts on the XR VCO if you want some DIY chiptune-sounds & noise added.

Roman F on Muffs has some occasional Buchla-inspired PCBs. Also, you can get old-school Serge PCBs from Ken Stone over at CGS - CatGirl Synth. The Serge Wave Multiplier and the DUSG are noteworthy.

Edit: Then there’s Music From Outer Space, they have lots of stuff. Plus, it’s worth it to stop by Tellun plus Bridechamber who carry lots of good projects including some very good circuits by Ian Fritz like the Thru-zero VCO Teezer and the MS-20 inspired VCF from hell, the Threeler plus his chaos circuits.

It’s funny I was just browsing the Bridechamber site and came back here to add the link and you got here first!
There are some nice budget filter pcb+parts kits on Bridechamber for around $30 which is great, very hard to find VCOs though. magsmoke.com could be a good choice for what I’m after, I had come across that a day ago but was put off by the fact the build need special parts. I think the price of the XR2206 VCO chip and tempco for $20 each must be a mistake as he sells them individually for a few dollars. I will have to check.

I’m familiar with the MFOS site, I do like the idea of building a soundlab. It may be an idea to make a VCO from the MFOS designs and make my own front panel. Could be a worthwhile project as it used easy to find parts.

This is a good example, exactly what I’m after really. A MFOS PCB on a homemade euro size module.

Wow I just discovered that Tony Allgood (Oakleysound) has started making his PCBs again, I used to lust over his 303 clone kit. They are MOTM format but they look like sex in circuit board form, the VCO boards start at £20 and he is based in the UK. I don’t know if I have space for something in MOTM format, if I build one module I might get addicted. This VCO looks the business, this is with an add on board that adds a switch to select different octaves.

the XR2206 isn’t that expensive (even reichelt carry them for about 4€) it’s probably a mistake, maybe mail him or pm him on muff’s

My fave function of the XR VCO is the voltage controlled waveform skew, that does a partial morph between something triangular to saw one octave up. It sounds way fun and is a unique waveshaping option.

Bridechamber has lots of different VCOs, but most of their stuff is aimed at the old-man format 5U modulars in either Dotcom or MOTM format. The MOTM ultra VCO is especially tasty.

You dont need Waveshapers anymore.

Juu juu, there will be Braids and they will usher in a totally new era of my noisemaking powah… Any day nao :slight_smile:

Second that. A quantum leap in modular synthesis. After having managed the first shock you will ask yourselves how much of your gear is obsolete. A Døœpfer waveshaper anyone???