Where to buy cases

I’d like to build another Shruti maybe polyvoks or mission. Where do i buy a red or blue case?


I don’t see it in the store?

From fcd72 himself: frank posts whenever he has a new batch of coloured case option available, such as in this thread Colored Custumized Cases [NEW June Batch ]


Nice thanks guys

So if i can’t wait building a Shruthi with mission filter i will have to build it with the clear case :slight_smile:

Or you could just ask what is available atm :wink:

Hi Frank , I now possess a set of Yellow Magic boards, do you plan to run off any more of the cases or was that a one off run?
I shall also be picking up a 4 pole mission set soon …

Ill have to negotiate with Olivier for the Yellow Magic Cases as he is in possession of the Rights for the Arts et al… and its a bit against the idea of a limited run if i just reproduce the same cases, doesn’t it?.

indeed… I fully understand , I looked all over the forum but wasn’t sure of the “limitedness” …since there are sets of boards for sale …


@ fcd72! what is available atm ? :wink:

Go for the yellow cases…

So i think thats a confirmation from the Master of Yellowness himself…

is it possible to have a red case?

only if you have red polivoks boards too :wink:

Hmm, we need more stickers as well :slight_smile: The YM sticker kicked ass, there should be a Carpenter-inspired 4-PM sticker too. Plus some Red Alert goodness. We can haz a Platypus sticker?

Red is on stock, drop me a line at fcdaniels (ät) me (dot) com