Where to buy Blades?

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for Blades on and off (mostly on) for several months and I’ve never seen any retailer I normally buy through (which is just about all of them) have one available. Seen a few on Reverb or similar but it doesn’t feel right.

Is it a chip shortage thing or am I missing something obvious?



Why? The IC thing + de-prioritization of its production compared to the rest of the product line because it is too labor-intensive.

The next batch is made at the end of the year, already sold out to dealers. From my point of view I don’t know which fraction of these modules will be sent to fulfil backorders, or will show up for purchase on dealers’ websites.

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check out wigglehunt.com. There are still a few around with dealers (that’s how I found mine, a few weeks ago).

Signal Sounds and Juno records both have blades in the UK if thats any use.

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