Where oh where is Frank?

I sent Frank an email several days ago about buying some different color Shruthi cases. I noticed that he hasn’t been on the forums since May 22nd. Anyone had contact with him?


Seemingly normal things like loving parents, having a functioning family and leading a life that suits you are not to be scoffed at.

Or be thankful you’ve not been called up for jury service or work for a newspaper. A friend of mine has to sit through all the murder cases and child abuse cases to write reports for a newspaper.

Be thankful you don’t have to deal with that shit for a living…

Horrible, but I guess when you read such things you realise how lucky you are and that wanting some new gadget isn’t really that important.

why you gotta bum me out with such horrible stories? This is a happy place! All joking aside, those were both some pretty intense readings. Despite the intensity, I could not stop!

right. i totally forgot about the fritzl guy.

Sorry if it was offensive, yes those are sad, sad cases, plus Austria is nice normally. I just overheard someone who wanted an almost famous graphical designer and panel builder extraordinaire to become his Austrian wife who could build him massive modulars. Thought it was funny at the time considering their professions and lurv for Buchla and Serge.

One more of those and I’m going to start believing it has something to do with the water there.

That’s grotesque… :frowning:

i think it is about her:


Not to mention this guy:


What is the inside joke about Austrian basement prisons?

I hate it when they make an Austrian wife outta you. Becoming locked up in the basement, having to solder synths for life. Hey! Wait a minute…

glad to see that frank doesn’t seem to have been sequestered in a basement by some of the charming inhabitants from austria

edit : basement, not cave! f**cking false friend

Yes! Welcome back. Hoping to buy some cases from you. :slight_smile:

Sounds nice. Welcome back Frank!

Welcome back Franklin!

I can tell that you had a good time just from the poetic description. You were missed.

Actually i was here which clearly is in Austria (which is not a German Federal State nor Italian). The lucky inhabitants of the Lesachtal are proud to live where they are and are strongly bond together. The most impressive thing there, besides the Mountains, the extremely friendly and shiny happy people, the sheer amount of Madonnas lining the streets (which I suppose is directly Karma-Connected™ to the Natives driving habits), Schlipfkrapfen an Obstschnaps™ was the silence. After Sunset the people stop to work outdoor and no Stranger is brave enough to drive these windyroads at dark so there is only silence. Nothing besides a distant murmur to roar depending on the amount of water in the river Gail and eventually the Wind in the Woods. Quite impressive when you live in the City where its never that quiet.