Where is Tides v2 firmware?

I made the mistake of trying to install Parasites on a Tides v2. Where is the firmware for Tides v2? The Mutable Instruments site only seems to have a page for Tides v1. What’s up with that?


This page has the latest firmware for the current version of Tides, called Tides 2018. To my knowledge there has not been a firmware v2 released. Please, anyone correct me if I’m wrong.



Hope I’m not screwed. I also wrote to After Later who helped me initially with one component that didn’t work.

I’m confused… You mean it’s not a Mutable Instruments module? Is your module a Tides v2 or not?

It’s a Tides v2 clone. Apparently, this page Mutable Instruments | Tides is for Tides v2 which MI calls the 2018 revision. The other page has firmware for Tides v1 and the Sheeps alternate firmware.

Running the firmware from that link actually worked and I’m back in business!

My friend, this is in poor form. This site is for ACTUAL Mutable Instruments support, not clone items.

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