Where is the play button on the sequencer?

So i finished up my first voice card, plugged it in then realized i have no clue on how to make the thing play sound, i’ve got it connected to midi input from my novation x station but i’ve only just bought a midi cable today so i’d rather not try to do two new things at once.

This is a Frequently Asked Question, both for the Shruthi and for the Ambika. Think of the sequencer as a customizable arpeggiator, which plays a pattern of notes for as long as an incoming note signal is held, and transposing the notes depending on what note is being played, with C4 (middle C) as center.

So there are two ways for you to start the sequencer on the Ambika:

First method: Send a MIDI note into the Ambika, such as by playing on your Novation X Station

Second method: While on the Performance page (S7), press the encoder. From the Ambika manual :

“A particular quirk of this page is the specific function assigned to the encoder. Press it to simultaneously send a C4 note to all parts. Press it again to send a note off message to all parts. This allows Ambika to be used without a MIDI keyboard. While a note is being played through this mean, you can turn the encoder to transpose all parts up and down.”

Thanks, i think theres a problem with my voice card or motherboard, i’ve got my eyes on the motherboard though, it’s doing lots of strange things

but i started the sequencer, looked and acted exactly how i expected it to but it didn’t play a sound, i then noticed that the part leds were responding to the keyboard from there i just played a lot of notes at once and i saw the music symbol in the corner but still no sound coming out of the ambika.