When your workbench is not near your music stuff

I needed two things in order to test out some modules that I’m (not very successfully) building. One was a benchtop Euro power supply and the other was a small amplifier.

Since I’ve ended up with four Euro power supplies, I thought I would whip something up. First I scored some slightly flexible plexi (flexi plexi?) with a table saw, heated the other side of the scored part and bent the sides up. A few screws, some wire, a switch and various other little bits, and here’s what I ended up with:

I thought I had a couple of practice amps around but they seem to have disappeared (of course, neither kid has any idea where they could be). But, I do have a small solid state amp, a couple of small speakers and a spare lunchbox/cooler:

Sometimes you just need to improvise.

Now put your modular in a cooler. :wink:
That is a great bit of improvisation, and very cool.


I’m usually insulated from those sorts of comments.

i made a similar test supply from the psu board of a broken behringer mixer. replaced /-15v regulators with 12v ones, added 5v regulator box header and srewed to a piece of wood…
cost nothing and works great.

I use a TB-60 screwed to the bottom of my workbench and a Busboard floating around….

Nice, I can see the commercial now, show up with two of those one with that, one full of Bacardi

Good opportunity to chill out!

Haha cool!
Actually that’s why I had bought Olivier’s testing tool pcb, but then my time for building stuff went down to zero and I sold everything.

Zero time for building stuff is not cool. I hate it when real life gets in the way of fun stuff. Hopefully you’ll get some time to yourself again soon.

Well I’ve put DIY on standby for now because I have two jobs and it’s hard enough keeping up with that atm. Though I should mention that I’m living this in a total positive way, I now have my own little design company, so soon one of the jobs will be history and then I will hopefully have some time for other things as well.

I wish you success! It is great to be in business for yourself.

Um, no room for beer?

That is a very nice solution!

“Um, no room for beer?” Bigger cooler next time.

The electric eskie as my friends in Darwin would call it (eskie is Aussie for beer cooler)