When do the new modules become open source?

Hey Emilie.
So I am not really a musician, but I love tinkering with audio and audio circuits. And I love building a small eurorack case with some modules…

I am a student and have little money so I can’t afford any modules at the moment. But either way I prefer to build them on my own just for the fun part of making something.

So are there any plans on making „Beads“ and „Blades“ open source?
I would be very interested in building a beads, since my small eurorack case doesn’t have any effects yet and there are not many good diy or open source effect units out there. Yeah I could build a clouds but seeing those videos about beads makes it really hard for me to spend money on this „old“ Module

So thanks for your work Emilie and i wish you good luck with everything, but I’m hoping for a open source beads ^^


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I can see you are well intentioned but surely the polite thing would be to wait.

It feels like asking '“can I have all your money when you’re dead?”

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I intent to publish the files around summer 2022.


Not my Intension since when I could I would support emellie right now. But with my current financial situation and the fact that I am not a musician how can justify spending thousands of euros in musical equipment I have to go the diy route

So thank you for the answer this is a time I can wait no problemo :slight_smile:


Being a passionate synth DIYer myself, here’s a pill that’s hard to swallow: Don’t fool yourself thinking DIY will be significantly cheaper than a prebuilt module. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice build quality to the point where it destroys all the joy of using the gear, you’ll always end up at between 60-80% of the cost of a factory module (based in my experience). And that doesn’t include spare parts, tools and failed attempts. If you include those, you’ll likely spend more than the factory price.

That doesn’t mean you should stay away from DIY - quite the opposite! It’s a joyful, rewarding hobby but just be sure you do it with the right intentions: learning, tinkering, modding, understanding, fun of building. NOT for saving money - that doesn’t work out.

In any case, I think we should be grateful that these high quality designs are open source at all. That’s a brave thing to do. So we as passionate tinkerers should be respectful and wait until the time has come. Until then, you’ll find plenty of other projects to build. Hit me up if you’re interested in a delay / reverb FX unit. I’m cooking something up for the Electro Smith Daisy that I’m going to make open source eventually. It needs some polishing, but I’d grant you access to the repo if you like.


Yeah of cause your right. Thank you :slight_smile:

DIY isn’t that cheap either. But for myself as I am studying electronics and working on my university I have access to pretty much everything I need to make stuff. For example I don’t even want to buy an aluminium faceplate since I can just 3D print one myself and then glue a paper with all the markings on it. Yeah those Jacks and Chips are expensive but we have lots of 0402 and 0603 passives laying around which I can use. So probably I won’t have to buy everything on the BOM and save some money here.

In my thesis I designed some headphone amplifiers and I am generally a so called audiophile. I just love electronics and I just love audio. I already spend a good chunk of money in synthesisers but the true thing I want is DIY stuff. Make my own stuff and develop myself into an audio engineering carrier.

So about your FX Unit. I don’t have a daisy but honestly if you come up with something useable I would love to see more about it and would appreciate your offer. I had a couple of programming courses myself but I’m certainly not a software developer right now. :slight_smile:
Thanks and Cheers

Alright, seems like you knew all of that already. I just wanted to set this straight because I come across that DIY-is-soooo-much-cheaper-myth quite often.

Have fun building and hacking! And yea, if you plan to get your hands dirty with embedded software: go for it, it’s fun!

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Might just be STM chips available then :wink:

Hi, i have built all my mutable modules except clouds. I always feel guilty when i make them rather than buy them. There have been times when i hoped for a donations feature or some such but Emilie offered these plans to us and that has to be respected too, thank you so much. The only reason why i make them is that they are a genuine zen experience for me and relax me completely. When i am making them, they can take up to a week, i am not thinking about anything else. Its an amazing experience working under a microscope developing unexpected skills like picking up things, that as big as a grain of salt almost, with your least dominant hand and soldering with the other, mind expanding!! Some money can be saved but what price peace of mind? You know Emilie will support and advise you with her products and you know they have been thoroughly and professionally tested before they reach us. Your going to have a great time making them and all the best.

Lol, not busting on your situation, but just saying, much of eurorack would not exist without “non-musicians” spending absolutely loads of money on modules. :slight_smile:

Really much of the music instrument industry as a whole would be in the same boat.

I’m no musician, and it would’ve been cheaper if I’d bought a Rolex….but nowhere near as much fun :wink:

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As an owner of multiple original Mutable Instruments as well as some ‘clones’ in the past, it seems to me the originals just sound better. It could all be in my head but I much much prefer original MI modules to the cloned mods out there on the market. I enjoy building as much as the next person, it can be super relaxing for me. But I feel theres something to be said about the mods coming straight from Emilie, they are beautiful Instruments and I cannot thank you enough for making them for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Emilie for all your hard work! I sincerely appreciate it!
Rob B

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