What's your modular story?


I’ve used Reason since 2005. I quickly started using the CV connections and enjoyed that quite a bit, so much in fact that I eventually got a job at Propellerhead and I’m now the Product Manager of Reason.

During my time at Propellerhead, I had two colleagues who were into modular synths. A couple of years ago life was stable enough that I felt I could invest in a system. So I did.

I soon realized the Atlantis was a fantastic piece of synth (I’m a big fan of the SH-101) but it was still too close to Reason, working with a set piece of equipment that happened to have CV in/out. So, I researched. Got fascinated by random voltages and generative music, odd synthesis types I couldn’t easily access otherwise and so on. Getting Ultra-Random Analog and Tides was probably the most educating thing I’ve done. They made helped me realize some of the wonderful things about modular: the goal isn’t always to make a finished track in the traditional sense and one thing can be many, many things.

Things quickly got out of hand and now I have two 7U 104HP cases filled with goodies. One case focused on live performance, and one on sonic meditation. I’ve come to terms with that modular is like owning a model train set that happens to make sounds. And I’m very happy about it. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! :heart:


I’ve always tried to make my guitar sound like a synth, but thought I’d never be able to afford the gear so I kept getting pedals. I was aware of eurorack but kept my distance because it seemed too expensive for me, but something I’d get onto at some point.

Eventually I watched ‘I Dream of Wires’ several years later and looked into all the current gear. A lot had changed since the last time I checked in. All was for the better. I started grabbing stuff and immediately was trying to do soundtracks, which fell through, but it shotgunned me into using the modules and the potentials of a few modules with different patching techniques. Once I discovered that there’s so many possibilities with the same modules, I got more excited and have kept at it.


I fell in love with the music of Tangerine Dream in 1976. And they had some big modulars! However for many years the nearest I got to that was a Korg MS50, which eventually died on me anyway. Like many people I went down the MIDI route lock, stock and barrel. Eventually, for a while, I stopped making music altogether as life got in the way.

In January 2015, as I was starting what ended up being the Hyberus musical collective, I invested in an off-the-shelf Doepfer system. Then a workmate sent me a link to the Elements demo video, and I knew I had to have one. Which meant another rack frame.

I now have three of Doepfer’s 6u frames, plus a Tip Top MuZeus. Not entirely full (yet . . .). Plenty of Doepfer (three oscillators, five filters, four LFOs etc) plus a Soulsby Oscitron, Elements, Marbles, Clouds, Kinks; a Malekko AD/LFO (which mainly modulates the Elements); and a rhythm section consisting of two Grids, a Qu-bit Rhythm, three Transistor Research Labs Stepper Acids, and a 2hp Div.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Marbles to go and play with . . .