What's wrong with the XT?

There were quite a few XT on the market recently.

What’s wrong with the XT? Should I continue having it as a kit or was the whole thing a bad idea?

Personally - and i hate do admit - its my favorite flavor of Shruthiness. Most sexy DIY Synth money can buy.

I like it too, though the sexiest DIY synth EVER is the Ambika :stuck_out_tongue: in my humble opinion.

*Edit - barring the MOTM modular :smiley:

Na… Ambika has not enough Nipples . . . . .

The only thing that’s wrong is that i can’t order a bare PCB … otherwise i would have one myself.
I build one for somebody else and thought it was awesome. I really suspect more could be sold (if you would want that) by selling them without a filterboard. I think a lot of hardcore shruthizens would like to convert their existing shruthi’s in XT’s. And also giving the XT access to the vast range of filterboards would give people an opportunity to really have the XT they love. The SMR4 filter sounds great but it’s not everybody’s taste.

I’m sure people selling the XT’s are just the normal gear lust people with also a strong case of modularitis…
Buy everything… and sell everything again to buy more of everything. I’ve noticed some signs of the disease on myself. + That i have build more stuff than i can use in the last few years.

> What’s wrong with the XT?

the XT looks great and sounds great! The only reason not to have bought it in the first run is that a €399 kit is a bit risky for someone who rather wants to avoid larger projects. But this is obviously not a reason to sell, so the increasing number of XT on the market must have a different cause.

I would agree with shiftr that Mutable Instruments is simply getting a lot more known (after all, I also know about it and didn’t just a year ago). Then people see a kit, probably a limited run, and go and grab it, so it’s probably indeed just basic gear lust.
Some might have gotten the kit just to sell it (don’t know how widespread that this, for the SID GUTS it was surely discussed), in this case a second run would prevent such behavior). I am also quite sure that I see more Shruthis on Ebay & Co recently, but that might also just be because I recognize them.

i didn’t get one because i already got some shruthis, anishri, ambika and most of all you people got me hooked on eurocrack. i would probably get one at some point if there were bare pcbs available though.
but i think it is perfect for people who do not already own a lot of gear or at least no shruthi (realativey easy to build, well documented, sexy as hell with all these knobs…)

I wanted to buy one but with a ladder filter. So I thought the price of the kit plus the ladder and the fact of having the SMR4 just hanging around too expensive for me.

I’ve noticed that there seems to be more XTs sold than non-XT Shruthis recently. I can not speculate as to why, but I doubt it has anything to do with any design flaws. The overall design of the XT is stunning with the metal face-plate and matching Rogan knobs. Not to mention the same great synthesis engine.

I didn’t buy an XT because I have no need for the extra knobs on a Shruthi; I really like editing it as it is. I am also waiting to see what the next special edition is. I have much more interest in the other filter flavors like the 4PM, Polivox, or digital FX.

I wouldn’t let this discourage you, all this means is that the potential market for MI synthesizer is larger than you thought. Don’t let the sale and purchase of your instruments make you question how you make them. You should consider changing how you are selling/marketing them to reach this broader audience that is being sold to by third parties. :slight_smile:

Needs a metal case! At least thats why I havent bought one…

I love the XT! My only suggestion would be to offer it also as a filterless kit. The XT’s I’ve built for people have been with an SVF board. TBH, I’ve owned about 10+ Shruthi’s over the past couple of years, but I’ll sell it to fund other stuff, then I’ll have another one which I’ll sell because it’s easier than building one for someone, then I build a new one for me, but then I sell it to fund other stuff, then someone will trade me theirs for something, then I sell it… Currently I have a 2044 with a butchered Yellow Magic Control without a case & a Digital Filter with a gouged OLED display in a Midnight Ed case. So, I guess my point I’m driving at here is the same as shiftr’s is people buy stuff, build it then sell it to buy something else to build, all viscous circle-like.

One other observation: the kit is roughly 400 Euro and selling for significantly more than that. I think people are simply cashing in on selling a cool synth :slight_smile: nothing wrong with that and certainly nothing wrong with the synth.