Whats this part for?

I didnt use it. Its a 6 pronged connector thingie… 2 rows of 3. Whats it for? Did i miss something?

No, it’s optional.

you only need it if you want to flash your atmega on board

Might as well solder it in place, you never know what the future brings, and by the time you do know, you won´t know where you put it!

It goes on the control board if it is a Shruthi, between pots 2 and 3.

Before you know it you have a drawer full of the darned things. Right between the drawers with the 1x40’s and the 1x8+1x6MF’s.

You need it if you ever buy a blank ATMEGA for a control board. Although you need a programmer cable too.

Interesting, that’s pretty cool. So which way does it go? The short or the long end facing up?

Long end facing up on the top side of the board.