What's that for a keyboard stand?

Found this picture of a keyboard stand in the net. Does anyone know the manufacturer/model? Or something similar. I’m looking for a rugged stand which could hold one big Fatar masterkeyboard and an Access Virus KB. The option to have a third row on top for smaller stuff (i.e. Shruthi’s, Minibrute, x0xb0x, Midibox stuff…) would be cool.

Ohhh got confused by the pic of the supermarket cart.

looks a bit like this one

Me too. I started dreaming of racing it. The style looks like a K&M stand. Looking at Thomann the closest I got was a Jaspers KSV-2B as shown by aerror. The 3 tier is called KSV-3B, how’s that for imagination?

Check the weight ratings on them if you really plan on using heavy synthesizers. The bottom rack is usually 80 pounds, the next rack up is around 50 or 40, but is really flimsy, and the top rack really can only hold like 20 pounds. Don’t forget that you will then be applying more pressure when you play them. You need to take that into consideration too.

Jaspers come in a XL version. I’m not sure if this means they are just wider/deeper of if they also hopefully hold more weight.

The closest I could find so far is Ruka by König & Meyer 18880 in combination with 18881 or 18882 for the second row. But in the picture it looks like one part?! Not sure if it is possible to add a third row (lets say a stack of 18880+18881+18882). I like this design because I could easily remove the xxx-shear and replace it with a wooden board below the keyboard.

Not sure about the stability of the Jaspers KSV-2B/KSV-3B. It’s bad if it’s the keyboard stand which wobbles… :wink: Another thing is the X where the legs could be.

Ahh! I kind of missed the scissor section in the photo above, that’s why I veered to the Jaspers. Ruka by K&M is definitely very close/it!

To derail my own thread before someone else will do …the girl acceptance factor of this (my current) keyboard stand is not sufficient. :wink:

If you play a velocity sensitive bass a little too hard on that “stand” neither of you will be too happy.

Best use of an ironing board I’ve seen on this forum!

hehe at least practical dual use

UHh dangerous.
If you ever have used that stand for what it is meant 4 ,
you’d know it’s very unstable.
Maybe the first pic posted is a not bad custom made stand…

@waldshrut - in the early 80s in Sydney there were a lot of bands in the wake of Young Marble Giants with Casiotones playing twee music, and one journalist coined the term of derision “Ironing Board Music” for the genre, because guess what they tended to use for Casiotone stands at gigs :slight_smile: