Whats next?

out of curiosity, any hints what to expect next from M I?

I guess some sort of excitation generator for rings.

Generally something that few people or no people have done. Quite a hard proposition in the world of Euro.

I only announce products once they are ready and available.

Due to recent health problems, no release before end of 2017 / 2018.

Health problems?! Yikes! Hopefully nothing you can’t get rid of quickly.

Hope you get better soon, @pichenettes.


Get well Olivier. Wishing you the best!

I hope you get well soon.

Yeah hard to get work done with audio when your ears are hurting. Take care of them Maestro…

From a personal experience I can share with you how frustrating can be an ear disease if you love sounds. I have been suffering tinnitus for years with some serious dizziness episodes; now my condition is much better thanks to my personal work and the use of other kind of treatments, that’s include the eurorack world with very good results (creation process), so Olivier I wish the best for you…bad times will pass

Hoping for a quick recovery for you, Olivier!

Wishing you all the best with the recovery Olivier, thanks for all the amazing inspiration to so many folks and take all the time you need.

Get well Olivier

Get well, Olivier. Please let us know if we can somehow help!

Get well soon Olivier

Get well soon

Get well soon Oliver

Sending healing vibes from the boogie down Bronx.

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Like elements?

I think the wonderful thing about Rings is that you can send anything into its input.

and BTW: Things that sound good through Rings/Elements