Whats happening


I made a video to demonstrate the operation of the Shruthi when fed with MIDI and audio from my drum machine. VIDEO

In the video you can see my Korg Volca beats is triggering the Shruthi via MIDI, the audio out from the beats is being processed by the Shruthi.
The sound at the beginning of the video is as expected, each note from the beats plays a note on the Shruthi, but when I set the Operator on the Shruthi to 8 steps it changes the whole dynamic of the sound (I like it).

I do not understand what is happening though, and this frustrates me! The sound seems to be cycling over 128 steps.

Can someone explain in plain terms what the Shruthi is doing please? When the Shruthi is in 8 steps, is it playing a note every 8 step and then playing the next note from the sequence of the beats> ? I am finding it difficult to even phrase the question let alone understand what is happening!


The sound is cycling, at each note, through 8 steps:

  • only sub playing
  • only osc 1 playing
  • only noise playing
  • only noise playing
  • only osc 2 playing
  • only sub playing
  • only noise playing
  • only osc 2 playing

but you can get the impression of a much longer loop (cicada principle) if you program a pattern on the volca that plays a number of steps that is not a divider of 8.

Be sure to read the online manual!

Direct from the manual:
In 2steps mode, oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 are alternatively on and off at each new note.

In 4steps mode, oscillator 1, oscillator 2, the sub oscillator and the noise source are alternatively on and off at each new note. The first note you play is played by the sub-oscillator ; the second note by oscillator 1 ; the third by the noise source ; the fourth by oscillator 2. Try this with the arpeggiator and you get a mini drum pattern! 8steps does the same thing, but with a more complex cha-cha rhythmic pattern.

In other words, it is an 8 step pattern that cycles thru osc1, osc2, noise, and sub to get a nice cha-cha pattern. Since you are running a VolcaBeats along with it, it is kind of like having two drum patterns play at the same time. If you listen close, you will hear that there are only 8 Shruthi steps.

Great stuff, thanks guys!