Whath's the technique for

Hello at all, i just purchase a black opaque case for shruthi, with hole for leds…
What are the technique you are using guy to sold leds to the long lenght and place in the hole… I mean, i made a 6582 before you have to solder the leds t the surface of the panels, but the controller board was fix to the panel, so it make the process way more easier… (put a scotch on panel, fix the panel to the controller pcb, solder…)
What technique are you using in the case of the shruthi???

I always use a strip of cardboard to align all LEDs at once to the height of the Buttons

I found out that it’s a lot easier to solder the led flush to the PCB and then install fresnell lenses on the fontplate. Looks great with white leds, never tried other colours.

you can see my 4PM programmer with fresnells here: http://weblog.papernoise.net/2012/08/shruthi-1-xt/

whath’s? tehe!?
Anyway :wink: What I did is pretty much build the unit almost completely, including the case (loosely), and fit the LED’s temporarily without soldering. Then invert the shruthi, remove the front panel of the case (and maybe button caps if fitted) And you can manoeuvre the LED’s until they drop down into the holes of the top panel. From here you should just about be able to solder 1 leg of the LED and it will stay in place. You might need to disassemble it some more again to solder the other leg properly. It can be a little tedious, but the result is perfectly placed LED’s.

ok any thanks, the last one is the thing i will do… thanks

I used spacers from Farnell - see my build with pics in the ladder filter thread.

Rumpelfilter, where do you get the fresnells?

dasnut +1

.banzai has them, mouser too (i just ordered a bunch of clear ones from mouser last week to try them)

cannot resist - need them…now

yep rosch is right. I think I got them from Reichelt though…