What to pick up next?

I’m building a small setup and currently have a Microbrute, Braids, Maths, and Links. In my time with them it’s clear that there are some important things to add for what I want to do… but I’m having trouble figuring out an optimal order to get them. Here are my thoughts:

1) MB’s sequencer is OK, but not great.
2) another LFO or source of modulation/trigger is needed
3) need a VCA or two
4) need another filter
5) a noise and/or s&h would be lots of fun

I think Tides, Peaks, and Ripples could all add a lot to my setup, but how would you prioritize them? I’m trying to stay within 84hp/3u for a while. I’ll probably pick up a Beatstep Pro at some point for outboard sequencing to save space for the other needs.

I think Peaks is the way to go, just because it does so much.

I’m leaning towards Peaks first, then on to Ripples before something like an Optomix. Being able to use Peaks as an additional envelope, LFO, or even some drum sounds is attractive.

I’ve also thought about swapping my Maths for a Tides, but haven’t fully committed to that yet :wink:

Remember you can use the (sweet) filter on the MB - that bandpass is to die for.

Maths gives you TONS of modualtion possibilities so maybe something not so exciting but essential as a dual vca?

Peaks is just great as a multi module, a bit of a no brainer.

As already stated, Peaks is super useful (and essentially super useful x2 given it is dual channel). Well, well worth it. Ripples happens to be one of my favourite modules in my case just now, just hunt around for demos/examples I guess as filters are such a personal taste.