What to do with my SIDs

So I’ve just been doing a clearout and found 6x 8580R5s at the back of a drawer… Might as well try to use them for something. Any suggestions?

Solder them together and turn them into a dice ?

If you are in the US, I do have a C64 that needs a replacement SID. Before you make a D6 out of them, please send me a quote on cost. :slight_smile:
If you need some inspiration, there are plenty of DIY SID projects. I still think that a standard C64 is the best. :wink:

I have a SID Guts that needs a replacement my SID has a broken filter :slight_smile:
oh btw. the SID Guts is a good way to start to get into serious trouble and build a modular! :smiley:

Otherwise, the MIDIbox SID totally kicks ass!

There’s also that TherapSID synth from twisted electrons. I think the kit is discounted if you provide your own SID chips…

When I read your posts thinking the SID is the easiest thing in the world, my mind goes to pichenettes words about making code open source.

If you really need a ready project to run the SID, I feel comfortable posting any of my code here on the forum.

You will never make anything of it anyway.

Lol. Sell them to me.

They fetch around £20-30 on ebay. Mainly because of all the people using them in synthesisers.

+1 for midibox SID, nothing is even close to the capabilities of this thing, here’s my latest one:

Killer case, as always