What the crap?


What does a dream sound like?

I don’t have the expertise to know what they mean by this, but it doesn’t sound like it’s something that makes a huge difference. I like getting my parts from mouser. They are so close that UPS ground usually is next-day. They don’t have the audio grade 4.7uF Elna’s (C1, C3, C4) so I want to order another audio grade capacitor, but “audio grade” isn’t a description available for their similar spec’d capacitors.

What is considered audio grade? Low impedence? Low ESR? Low Leakage?

This guy looks nice and fancy, as does this guy

audio means here non polarised. i’ve just bought a pack on ebay a few minutes ago:
4,7uF non

Let’s keep silk for what it is good at

Hey Rosch,

yes these are hard to source in germany - i ordered 2 packs so if anyone in Germany is intersted in 4,7mF Audio Grade - drop me a line.