What pro artists use Mutable Instruments?


Saw a video recently of Thighpaulsandra with Elements and Clouds.


> How have you found the Master Class videos? I watched a trailer and didn’t really warm to him, I have to say.

It’s pretty good, actually. He can’t really play in any traditional sense and he’s not trying to make any excuses for that at all. The end result is that these videos really manage to remind you that the most important thing with making music is to actually listen and let that guide you.

This would be a good thing to give to kids who want to get into EDM, I think.


He makes the point about not being able to play in the trailer, too.

I don’t have a problem with that, since I can’t play a note on anything myself.

I spent the time I could have spent learning to play keyboards fiddling with sequencers and synths and samplers, and don’t really regret that.



I always remember reading about someone working with Paul McCartney and they were classically trained. They were going to teach him about harmonies, melodies etc, but he knew it all already.

It’s called experience and being gifted.


Agreed to an extent. But remember The Beatles worked for years with a producer (George Martin) who very much was classically trained. I’m sure they must all have picked up a lot from him, in that time.



Shruthi is all over this Public Address release.


So, BT is at it again, this time with an Ambika.


(Warning, above video WILL trigger serious gear envy, and possible GAS. Consult a medical professional if symptoms persist for more than 2 years)


Jarre has a Braids:


^ Plus Rings & Veils. The man has good taste :wink:


Reviving this old thread.

Magda seems to have several MI modules in her Eurorack corner, I just noticed.


A few more along the lines of “artist who happens to have eurorack, who happens to have Clouds” rather than “dedicated professional Shruthizen”, but while we’re here:

Gavin Rayna Russom (LCD Soundsystem) - Elements+Clouds? :

Brian Weitz / Geologist (Animal Collective) - Clouds :


Braids and Rings feature prominently in this promo video for Jean-Michel Jarre’s latest album.


In the latest issue of UK alternative music magazine The Wire, there’s an interview with Jim O’Rourke and Eiko Ishibashi, featuring him standing in front of a rack of modular synth modules in one of their two home studios in Japan.

Amongst several rows of larger-format gear, there’s a row of 3U Eurorack modules, including an MI Warps.


A simple answer wil be: …All serious pro modular user have Mutable modules…and thats all…:wink:


From last year but a fav of mine Mr Rashad Becker have a cloud in his live rack
(picture from Diamat on muffwiggler)


Seems to like his Nord Modulars a lot, too.