What pro artists use Mutable Instruments?


High tide raises all ships!


The problem with the record industry is that apparently a lot of people enjoy boring music… :wink:


The way I look at it: for me, big big boost in “perceived usefulness to humanity (by a layperson)”


i love the way you use the word perceived :wink:


>PS: I don´t think that having a private education plays a part in artistic output.

I went to private school for my first few years at school, but it wasn’t for long. What they generally say is that people who do go there tend to mingle with more powerful people and can end up in a position (be it work or creatively) not on their artistic or other merits but by pulling a few strings and calling a few old chums.

It’s a huge problem in the UK music world. James Blunt, Coldplay etc.


> big big boost in “perceived usefulness to humanity (by a layperson)”


Next time somebody asks me what I do for a living, I can say that I work on stuff that’s been used by people like Coldplay :slight_smile:
No more wrinkled foreheads and scratched scalps!


we N:fusion do

i have used a shruthi matrix 12 version with nice blue leds that light up with the resnance used it as one of the layered bass sounds


Hot Chip interview in Sound On Sound magazine features a photo of their newly-acquired Eurorack synth, with MI Yarns sitting pretty on the top row.



I forgot why I read this article about Shawn Rudiman but he seems generally like a cool character and has a few of his own builds of MI stuff…I mean those Anushri panels at the bottom deserve serious props


Not 100% sure if they qualify as “pro”, but this video was on CDM some time ago:

Recue X Jolea - Sunday Jam With Quirky Little Boxes

If you don’t recognize it from the looks, that thing on the right is a Shruthi… looks like one of Altitude’s btw.


Robbert Mononom / Sensory Overload

Tom Holkenborg / Junkie XL


That modular…


A neat article about Vince Clarke & Paul Hartnolls colaborative album here:

I see a Braids in VC’s rack there : )


infinity shred does






Deadmau5. From his Masterclass video. Doh, it shows the logo at the top :smiley:


Oops, extra ‘e’. Shows how much my finger is on the pulse of the new-fangled musics… :wink:

How have you found the Master Class videos? I watched a trailer and didn’t really warm to him, I have to say.



I’m signed up for the Hans Zimmer one, watched a few videos, but Nintendo Switch and Zelda arrived doh :slight_smile:


Not especially “pro” (?) but a lot Shruthi in this iPad-app-promo: