What pro artists use Mutable Instruments?


The photo has been flipped, that’s why. :wink:


Or they have a whole case full of very exclusive special left-handed module editions…


Clouds (proper techno duo) is using Tides and Braids.


Seems Like Deadmau5 has att least one Mutable module


Ansome: Braids, Yarns
Blawan/Karenn: Braids, Clouds, Yarns
Buzz Osbourne: Ripples
BT: All eurorack modules
Clouds: Tides, Braids, Links
Coldplay: Braids, Clouds
Cosmin TRG: Elements, Shelves, Braids, Grids
DeadMau5: Tides, Braids, Ripples, Frames, Links, Edges, Grids
Etienne de Crecy: Polivoks Shruthi
Gerd Geeeman: Shruthi XT, Ambika
Henning Baer: Peaks
Hot Chip: Yarns
Legowelt: Midipal
Luke Abbott: Grids
Modeselektor: Braids
Nordvargr: Braids
Octave One: Shruthi
Ochre: Ambika
Octave One: Shruthi
Prodigy: Shruthi
Richard Devine: All of MIs stuff
Robbie Bronnimann: Braids
Shifted: Braids, Grids
Simian Mobile Disco: Braids, Yarns
Surgeon: Braids
Skudge: Ambika
Trent Reznor: Anushri
Untold: Braids
Vladislav Delay: Yarns, Braids
Westons (The Orb): Shruthi
Zenker Brothers: Braids, Yarns


Regarding DeadMau5: Yes he has a fev :wink:


Even has an edges.


Two actually. That’s a curious setup - there should be more Tides!


Is there some sort of standard for laying out modules in the rack? :slight_smile:


He could really use a few Streams as well…


hmmm, “needs more tides” could become the new “nees more cowbell”.


Or maybe even “You can never have enough VCAs” -> “You can never have enough Tides”


The advisory circle (came a bit as a surprise as I imagined Jon Brooks would be a DIY 5U guy).


Mutable modules at Jordan Rudes studio (?)



Coldplay? arghhh :slight_smile:


As per the other recent thread, Martin Gore :slight_smile:

Olivier, you must surely feel rather proud to have so many notable names using your products!
Well done :slight_smile:


Coldplay using modulars? How’s that going to add up? Well anyway, the more the merrier!


Well I dunno about other people, but Coldplay seems to equate to boring and the whole problem with the record industry (full of privately educated, mummy got me a record contract types.) Oh well :slight_smile:


Hey the more the merrier and I think it is a good thing for everyone to see more “traditional” styles of music incorporating eurorack.

It only shows the wide palette eurorack offers.

PS: I don´t think that having a private education plays a part in artistic output.