What pro artists use Mutable Instruments?


Blawan uses Braids :))


well not sure how “pro”, but this new Morphology album of ours has some shruthi-1 in it.

also used shruthi on live gigs.
our future productions will surely have some ambika in the mix too.


@flocked nice to find another blawan fan on here, I assume your a karenn fan aswell. Is that a braids in the top left in this vid then? youtube


@Edkase: Yep, I love Karenn :slight_smile: And no, it isn’t a braids in the video. However here is his new eurorack


@flocked ah very nice In the eastwick case I want aswell.

I’ve seen that Gerd has one of the new Shruthi xt’s and an Ambika


This guy

no, wait…


I know of a few people within the Swedish scene who flaunt MI modules and what not when they’re not getting stuff published on hip labels, DJing at Berghain and such… It’s definitely getting noticed :slight_smile:


@Jojjelito Yeah in the last few months I’ve noticed quite a few artists Im into have picked up on Mutable Instruments, nice to have a piece of gear before the pros have it for once, usually Im obessed with getting something when I see a favourite artists has it. If that makes sense?. Although I haven’t even started modular yet

Also saw this today Braids in Untold’s top five modular bits in XLR8R


Untold got it right with Braids but somebody should tell him about the MidiALF instead of the Doepfer Dark Time!


Untold: “This is a synth voice that has similarities with the ever popular Native Instruments Massive Synth. It’s got a very clinical digital sound and can do all those ‘boinggrrrrbow’ bass stabs that I play around with, and much, much more.”


I was nosing around Kris Westons (The Orb) Twitter page, and noticed in a pict (no, not the pict of his ass) there was a red Shruthi behind him.

[edit] picture is gone now…



Vladislav Delay


Nice one - Vladislav Delay one of my all-time favourites! Isolationism par excellence


Simian Mobile Disco on Braids and Yarns on RA: Machine Love

"My system is much newer. There was one module that only arrived last week, that was kind of the cornerstone that I was waiting for. A lot of them are very, very new. That whole world of Eurorack is kind of exploding. Loads of people are just making very new, sort of esoteric designs. There is one particular module actually called Braids that we just started using, and another one called Yarns by this thing called Mutable Instruments. They’ve been really, really useful. We’ve been using them a lot. But yeah, one particular one, the Yarns, I only got last week. "


More Braids love on RA: Machine Love with techno duo Karenn.



“Trent probably has one or two of every synth… a Noah’s Ark of synthesizers :P”

…And God spoke unto Noah and bade him fetch two of every animal to take upon his Ark. And for the less fortunate animals of whom he could find only one, God permitted that they may be furnished with erotic carvings and stacks of papyrus that they should not envy the other animals too much…


A dude from LA named Mike Dobler talks about Grids in a recent video interview for Muff Wiggler


Can you spot the Shurthi in a metal case in this Octave One performance?



Surgeon is also using Mutable Instruments Braids. A techno legend <3 Watch his dj set combined with modular live performance



The Prodigy - SHRUTHI