What pro artists use Mutable Instruments?

does anyone know of any professional musicians that use any Mutable Instruments, specifically the Shruthi-1?

Octave One uses a Shruthi, Trent Reznor has an Anushri is his armada

I keep my customer data private, so I won’t brag publicly about those who ordered but never talked openly about it. But you’d be surprised that the product that I’ve sold the most to “famous” musicians is the MIDIpal. Next: Braids.

Seen recently…

You can notice a Polivoks Shruthi in Etienne de Crecy studio:


Ochre has built an Ambika

People in the chiptune scene: Nullsleep, Trash80


Porcelain Raft. Didn’t know these guys but I love this video!

BT has the entire Eurorack range and seems to love Braids.


Octave one.

Trent Reznor

The Melvins

If you know more (found through interviews or studio photos…) let me know - let’s stick in a first phase to artists who have a wikipedia page as a shitty metric for fame.

Also, it’s obvious Richard Devine has some - but his studio is like the backup of the entire music gear industry, from which it’ll be respawned in case of apocalypse :slight_smile:


im not surprised that Trent Reznor has one (he’s probably influenced me the most of any artist). Trent probably has one or two of every synth… a Noah’s Ark of synthesizers :stuck_out_tongue:

Porcelain Raft is great! I saw them play back in NY

I think Richard Devine.

He has 2 Braids in his live case

Yep, it’s one of his favorite 2013 module.

Dont know if anyone else on here listens to them / the stuff on their label, but I saw skudge have a ambika .

I hear rumors that Aphex Twin has all the Mutable gear but programs it using a ZX-81.

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Luke Abbott (awesome) is using a grids. :slight_smile:

It’s not a Mutable hardware product, but Daniel Miller (founder of Mute Records) uses Cyclic

I just built an Ambika and it should be some of my productions in near the future. Owner, producer and mastering engineer at Ill bomb records. Not as famous as others mentioned here but w/e. Gotta do a shameless plug. :wink:


hey Owen just checked out “turmoil” - nice work!

Robbie Bronnimann was talking about his Braids on the latest Sonic Talk

I think it’s safe to say that any pro musician who has a modular has a Braids =)

As we all know, you gotta catch 'em all!

Nordvargr has just gotten a Braids.

is cyclic a plugin?

Yes. Check the “other projects” menu item on the main webpage

Nope, Cyclic is a standalone app.