What other synths use an srm 4?


any other synths out there using an srm 4 filter chip?

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Apparently “SMR-4” is not a special Chip, it refers to the overall Design of the Filter that uses fairly Standard Chips and Genius. See here for a description. Its published under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License, so if you want to incorporate it into your own Design go ahead and use it - i would!. So far i don’t know of any other Synth that uses this Design

@fcd72: maybe you could sand a LM13700 and engrave a mutable instruments logo on it?

If you want to compare it to other designs: the SMR-4 is close to the Prophet-5 when resonance is null (OTA-C with 1nF caps) ; closer to the Roland filters when resonance is increased (due to resonance loudness compensation) ; and has a bit of Moog character due to the signal levels being high enough to cause a slight overdriving.


what about the CEM3399 ?