What next

I finished my first shruthi last week. I really enjoy the sounds and nob twisting but my mind always goes back to the build. I need more. What should be the next build? Shruthi with an alternate effect board? Anushri? Maybe something outside of mutable? Id love poly but I think I might be a few project away from the ambika. Suggestions

(Must… Continue. … to…solder) in captain kirk voice

If you wanna solder like a maniac, there’s always the mb-6582. The Ambika isn’t nearly as complicated, I never had a Shruthi but it’s just a few more parts by the looks of it.
Or maybe the Midialf - I guess it’ll go along with your Shruthi pretty well.

If you’re really, really desperate, although proper mb-6582 pcbs exist you can do this (someday):

“The Ambika isn’t nearly as complicated”

Oh, I beg to differ. At least 2x the work of the MB6582. 6 voice cards takes a while to make

Well true, more soldering, but way less mechanical work, let alone sourcing…But if you sort your stuff nicely before soldering it, it’s really not bad. And who doesn’t take a break after the first voice card to check it out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Id love to make an ambika. Just seemed to me that it might be a bit tricky and not exactly the thing for newbie. What are some of the favorable filter board combinations. Is it wise to mix and match or just put all six of the same board in.

Are you familiar with modular synthesizers? Say goodbye to your money and free time

If you’re uncertain, I believe you can’t go wrong with a Midialf first…
As for the filter boards…I guess you just have to know for yourself. I’m just messing around with my Ambika for now so I took 2 of each, that of course means I can’t play any complexer piano kinda pieces. Personally I would never use 6 same ones, however, others do and are happy with it. 4+2 seems to be the most common setup.

The ambika is not really tricky
It’s a long job, you have to spend some time and you have to self-source parts, which is quite different from a shruthi kit. But it is not intrinsically more difficult than a shruthi. There’s no wiring or anything like that, it’s exactly the same kind of job than a shruthi, only the scale is bigger.

The Anushri is somewhere in between. Reasonably longer than a shruthi, no more difficult. It’s pretty different from a shruthi, while the ambika is really the shruthi big (enormous) brother.

My advice would be to go the self-sourcing way if you want to prepare for the big ambika jump. You can try fancy shruthi filters… I’d definitively recommend any filter, really, you can get them all and you’re never going to deplore any redundancy. I used them all in the record i’m polishing right now, even though it’s a rock record with mostly guitars and acoustic stuff.
You can also self-source an anushri for a bit more challenge.

Otherwise, you can check the midibox stuff. You’ll have to spend a bit more time reading documentation and understanding it, but a midiseq v4l is a cool thing to have.

Otherwise, some stompbox effect… there’s a long list of projects that can be useful…

Great info mic mic man. Is there any software/chip programming involved with the ambika.

Yea there is, but you can buy them pre-programmed from Olivier.
And unless you buy SMR4 filters, I suggest you do that, because otherwise you’ll have to grab some V2164 somewhere and an AVR ISP programmer, if you don’t already have one. The programmer would also be needed for SMR boards, just no V2164.

Any clue on what the cost would be in US to source parts for the build an ambika. Looks like the boards for a 6 voice pre programmed will run around $400 trying to get an idea of what ill have into this.

overall you can count around $700-$800 to get a full ambika
in europe it’s something like 650€

Thank you

if you’re me and and you maybe don’t buy in bulk so much. I was close to 900 for my 6 voice SMR4 ambika with plexi case. I did buy more of every component if i could get a break but it still wasn’t as cheap as I anticipated. But well worth it. It was my second build after a Shruthi-1.

if you feel like waiting before doing Ambika (you’ll do it anyway) just grab a second Shruthi filter, and i recommend really all of them. each is a masterpiece of their own. and while you’re at it and self source the control components for the Shruthi, just grab that kind of stuff for the Ambika too (you’ll do it anyway)
also Anushri is a very nice synth. i found it was less work than a Shruthi.

Whats the word on the ladder shruthi.

MidiALF would be a good pick if you don’t already have a good sequencer. If you do, its probably more intuitive and fun to use anyway :slight_smile: not too difficult to self source for it, and very useful for something like $100 if I had to estimate.

Plus you can start by using it to play with your Shruthi and then get the CV control kit later if you start using any CV controlled gear.

I must say, I didn’t find the Ambika at all tricky. It did take a while, but the work is naturally broken up into manageable chunks. You can speed things up a bit by doing multiple voice cards in parallel, too. I think I did three at the same time, at one point- doing each kind of component on each board, one after the other (ie all the resistors of a particular value etc. on board 1, then 2, then 3). Seemed to work for me, and I think I managed to do the whole thing without any major mistakes.

@altitude on the other hand, I had massive issues with my MB6582. I had problems heating the solder enough to solder a lot of the components to the massive ground plane, with caused all kinds of issues. Then, I had huge problems with the connectors between the two boards. I eventually just gave up on the whole project, and it’s sitting gathering dust in a box with half the PCB pads for the board>board connectors burned or ripped off. I know I should tackle it again, having spent so much time and money on it already, but I just can’t summon up the will to do it. It just depresses me, every time I think about it :frowning:


I currently use an mpc for the master. I use a controller and multiple ipad apps to send midi signal into the mpc.

@toneburst. Hm, sorry to hear that. The board interconnects are a PITA for sure, I just used wires instead of the ribbon. Didn’t realize ppl had problems with those, part count wise its about a third of ambika