What MI firmware hacking projects have you been working on?

I know that there are several alternate versions of firmware for Mutable Instruments modules available (Parasites, Bees-in-the-Trees, Sheep, etc.). One of the reason I’ve been drawn to MI’s modules is because the firmware is open source and hacking the firmware is possible (and is made easy by the available Vagrant environment).

I’ve been working on a version of firmware for the Warps module that turns it into a sound source with a four modes of operation:

Modes 1 & 2: dual oscillators with independent shape control per oscillator that can be morphed between triangle/saw/variable width pulse where the two oscillators can be separated by +/-2 octaves (mode 1) or fine tuned to create a unison effect (mode 2).

Mode 3. 2-operator FM where the carrier frequency ratio can be modulated.

Mode 4. 3-operator FM where the carrier and second modulator frequency ratios can be modulated.

I’m curious to hear about what others have created either for the purpose of learning or filling some gap or deficiency in their system.


More FM modes would be great. I’m not so much into FM timbres to justify an (expensive!) Buchla-style complex oscillator, or an ALM Akemie’s Castle, but being able to occasionally use a wider range of FM models on Warps would be great.

Sounds interesting! Not sure I would replace the current firmware with this one, but mostly because I already have enough other stuff to do FM and an abundance of oscillators.

btw. please change the title of this thread to something more informative, eg.: “New Warps alternate VCO firmware” or something like that. “Firmware hacking is too generic”


I intentionally kept the title generic because I’d like to hear what other people have created for any of the MI modules, not just Warps (the alternate firmware I created for Warps was just an an example).

I see, hadn’t read it that way. Feel free to re-change it including that part in the topic title (if it doesn’t get too long)
Still I think that it’s important to have the “warps” part in the title, for various reasons including future searches.

Anyway, I guess the fw that have been created for MI modules are pretty much all known. There’s the ones @BennelongBicyclist made for Braids, Peaks

There’s @mqtthiqs ones (Clouds, Tides, Warps, etc.)

There’s this firmware for Branches: https://github.com/arirusso/twigs

And this beat-repeater fw for Clouds: http://www.kammerl.de/audio/clouds/

There’s probably more, but these are the ones I am aware of.

A list of the well known alternative firmware for MI can also be found here (thanks BennelongBicyclist :grinning:), but I guess what I was after is “what others have created either for the purpose of learning or filling some gap or deficiency in their system” (maybe with more emphasis on learning).

I doubt that the project I mentioned in my original post is anything that anyone would want to load into their Warps. As mentioned, most of what it does could be accomplished with other modules and there are certainly more interesting alternate firmware options available (I had Parasites loaded on my Warps prior to working on this project), which is why I didn’t intend it to be the focus of this discussion.

I’m just curious to hear what others have done primarily for the sake of learning and experimenting.