What is your favorite shruthi?

Ok, I own a SMR4 mkII, a Dual SVF and a Tubeohm Ladder Shruthi

my favorite is the ladder shruthi … what do you think?

ps. I really want to try a “red Shruthi” Anushka rocks!

Right now, I am in a Yellow Magic phase.

4pm by a big margin IMHO

I will say Polivoks just to keep things in a dead heat


SMR4 MkII, second place for the dual SVF.

4PM, no doubt… sad that it is not possible make 4PM voicec ard for ambika…

I think it’s still the 4PM, 4-pole LP sounds really warm and round, and it can get real crazy with some filter modes. I regret having sold the dual SVF that was my second fav…

It’s very easy to make a 4P voicecard for the Ambika: http://shop.mutable-instruments.net/collections/ambika/products/ambika-voicecard-4p-filter

What make the 4PM so awesome are the ms/whacky resonance flavours and all the filter pole mixing modes. Don’t get me wrong, the 4LP liquid is fine, but that’s not why 4PM is soooo awesome

@portervance: ambika’s 4P is not same as shruthi 4PM , they are different filters

I built an SVF and like it quite a bit. However since I added the filter flavor mods to the SMR MKii I have really been liking it.

YM and 4PM are still in the queue.

Gotta go with the Polivoks for now, though I’m still trying to unlock the secrets of my DualSVF.

Yellow magic for me !

Depends on what I’m doing. I think the lo-fi digital filter deserves a bit more love. It’s great fun!

To be honest it’s the new XT… with any filter :slight_smile:

hm … ok, the result of this thread … I need much more Shruthis …

>> It’s very easy to make a 4P voicecard for the Ambika

No. The MI site says: “4P voicecard - This filter uses the same core as the 4-Pole Mission Shruthi-1 filter board, but only provides the LP4 output.”

The SMR4 MkII sounds best to my ears, but both the YM and the 4pm are more fun to play with.

I own the Polivoks and DSP boards and have also played with the CEM and SMR4 mkI and I can comfortably say SMR4 sounded the best!