What is your fave Shruthi filter?

I had a look and did not find a discussion for this, if there is already one I apologise and please post the link, but if there is not already a discussion then which is your favourite? Interested to know why too :wink:


I cannot decide which one is my favorite… Probably SMR-4.

I heard some demos of CEM3379 and IMO that chip is overrated. I assume that it should be the same sounding as CEM3320 which was used in Prophet-5 and Elka Synthex?

I’d also like to hear doctor Robert’s filter :slight_smile:

Depends on what I’m doing. When you have them all, why restrict yourself?
I got myself the experimenter’s board in order to make a Moog Shruthi, but there’s precious little time this fall :frowning:

I ‘only’ have the 4PM but I sure do love the sound of that one. Somehow I think it is a very nice break from all those LP sounds.

Its exactly the same Chip as in the Prophet VS and ESQ-1 (and the original Shruti). It sounds definitely different than the Chips in the P5 more like in the MicroWave (the later CEM3387 Version). I wouldn’t say overrated, its more that the most MP-3 Demos don’t capture the real thing :wink:

The filter in the 3379 is good IMHO, but the VCAs therein aren’t the fastest or best I’ve come across. The VS, however… Legendary for a reason!

Smr 4 for the sound at egality with the Dual svf for functionality : palying with the two filter is so great! Reaaly easy to slowly evolve the sound!

Never try the digital fx board nope the roland, nope the pm.

I like them all, but when I want to work on something with no prior knowledge of what I’m going to do, I plug my 4PM first.
It’s maybe “colder” than other 4 pole filters like the SMR, but it’s soooo versatile.

4-PM as well. I’d love the Polivoks too if I only had one :slight_smile:

the polivoks isn’t the one I would recommend as a first filter, but this is the one I definitively want to integrate in my rock band setup.

i have many filters at home, here is my top 4:
1- dual SVF
2- SMR4 mk1 (if well tuned)
3- 4PM
4- SSM2044
But to be clear, i love them all !

well i´ve just got two filter-types … so here is the list with pole-position:

SMR4 mk1 (it sounds so fantastic smooth on some waveforms and configuration)
4PM (this is the “touch me with respect or i blast you away with my resonance”-filter, for real dirt and grit)

there are not so much demos with the SVF-filter …

I currently have all but 2 of the boards.
Roland IR3109 is easily the one I enjoy the most. I ended up making 5 of those (although I sold 2). SMR 4 MK II is a fairly close 2nd, in my opinion :slight_smile:
A popular favourite often seems to be the SSM 2044. Oddly enough, I like this one the least (not that it is bad, I just prefer the others over that one)

I’d agree that the 1IR3109 is my fav. I do have a 2044 board but I have yet to build it. I always did love the polysix filter.


i have one IR3109 chip but no board … :frowning: … how does it sound?

@noisebuddy, here’s a short demo I did with the IR3109.


that sounds nice, holy sh…t … … a new run of boards is somehow possible?

Noisebuddy, thats a shame! :confused:
I’ve never owned any of the old Roland synths that the IR3109 was originally used in (which was quite a lot…), but the sound is still strangely and almost instantly recognisable. I guess I must have heard it in action on a few albums?! Also, although this is not the filter used in the Roland TB-303, it can still sound rather similar to it (to my ears anyway.
I guess its hard to describe the sound much beyond that though)? But the resonance level compensation works the way I like it to, and the resonance itself has a lovely distinctive character to it that few other filters (shruthi or not) seem to have.

I think there are some reasonable demo’s of it on Soundcloud and maybe a vid or 2 of it on Youtube also. I don’t have any file hosting available though, so I can’t post a demo of my own at the moment.
I liked it enough that I built the extra boards in the hope that maybe one day, Olivier has plans to make something else that could use them :wink: If not, I expect i’ll reconfigure my other Shruthi’s to use them.

(I doubt Olivier would be up for a new run of the IR3109 boards, but the files are available that a PCB fab house can make them from. Never done this myself, But I expect it would be costly for single/small runs)

@ Laup: I hear ya on the SSM2044, everyone seems to have a hard on for that thing but its hands down my least favorite. Its hard to pick a favorite though