What is your. BEST DIY synth.? (open DIY p.roject)

Question 4 all:

What is your BEST DIY synth? (open DIY project)

there is plenty online so i ask you for advice, please write names.

If you plan to build DIY synth by your self it depends how much you know about basic electronics.
If you’re familiarised with soldering and electronic components type go for AMBIKA as a advanced project or shruthi-1 for beginner. Both projects are perfectly documented.

Modular or non-modular?

Only soldering and mechanical assembly, or more involved techniques (PCB etching, panel etching/transfer)?

Our friend LFO appears to be the same person as his higher frequency, digital version on MIDIbox. It’s not exactly clear what he wants, but something with open .brd files so he can fab them. Last week it was a 303, now he wants SIDs.


I dont have money, but for years i want to build something wit my hands, so im asking for “everything” to se what is avalible and price of kits-pcb-elements etc…
Most of all i like SID sound. Shame there is not simple version to build for “beginers” :-(((

Do you now get it? :slight_smile:

The best DIY synth project is the Shruthi-1 ! … Get it at tubeohm or laurentide synthworks…

Agree with @shiftr.

Yes, thank you shiftr and piscione . I know for Shruthi-1 and other from mutable instruments.
Anything else?
Main condition is to be easy to build and all info.

Nothing else.

There are many good DIY synth, but you are asking for the BEST:

I’ve built lots of Shruthis, so obviously I like those : ) x0xb0x is also great… Classic 303 sound, but they are also super useful as a sequencer too (CV & Midi)

Shruthi is my favorite :)))

+1 for Shruthi !

PreenFM is also good, and quite easy to build.


Hi - you know - Shruthi is now Phoenix - outside Phoenix inside Shruthi ( joke)

I’m really liking the Jasper these days.