What is the minimum voltage rating for Capacitors used in the Ambika Motherboard?

I was sent a couple of alternate parts by Element14.

These included : 4700uF 10V , 2200uF 10V , 100uF 16V .

Do i need a minimum value of 25V for the larger ones ?

> Do i need a minimum value of 25V for the larger ones ?

If you don’t want them to pop or poop, yes.

If you can, take a look at what’s available. Then, get the caps that can handle the highest temperature and voltage with as low ESR as possible in the same physical package. It’s mostly a question of MTBF within these constraints.

Will the 100uF 16V be OK for the regulators on the MB and the voice cards or will they have to be minimum 25V too ? Just need to be really sure before i complain to the company.

100uF can be 16V

Thanks ! Will taller (11mm) caps work on the Voice cards or do i really need to use the 7mm , i’ve already installed three of the 7mm in the MB at the regulators.

7mm please.

Thanks again !

you have 12mm Airspace above the Voicecards, so if you have 11mm caps theres a good chance it will touch something from the board above and probably kill something……