What is: "monkeyzation"

I have a MIDIpal and I came across “monkeyzation” under the arpeggiator app….What does this do exactly? …Searched the user manual and forum already… thanks :slight_smile:

It’s humanization + shuffle
I haven’t checkd if it’s in the midipal manual, but at least it’s in the shruthi manual.

^ thanks!..what exactly is “humanization”, and “shuffle” ? I’m not familiar with these terms, and neither the MIDIpal or the shruthi manual has a definition for them

Humanization is adding in a bit of randomness to the sequence, the opposite of quantization. Shuffle (and “swing”) are similar terms that are based on varying degrees of changing eighth notes to tied eighth note triplets. Think of the standard ride cymbal bell pattern in jazz.

thank you MicMicMan & piscione!