What is better than an MI Shruthi Synth?

Two MI Shruthi synths


6 are fun too. Got seven now, all part of a crazy poly Shruthi.

7 Shruthi’s! wowa, that would be fun :slight_smile: A friend bought me the 4 pole mission board for Christmas so I will have 3 then, only problem is I am scared to try and build it as I messed up my last Shruthi quite badly :confused:

Take your time with it, and read the instructions carefully. Practice soldering and make sure your joints are clean the first time. Of course, that’s the same advice I should’ve followed and didn’t and screwed up a few Shruthis and other things!

Thanks piscione :slight_smile: I will have a good go at it next year when I have saved to buy the parts for the board!

Just give it a go. Definitely worth it, 4PM is just awesome