What happened to 'Links'?

I am happy to see that most modules (Braids, Ripples, …) are back in stock!
But now ‘Links’ is missing! Not even ‘Out of Stock’, just gone … any estimate when it will be available again?

It’s not so easy to order something. When the one thing I would like to have is available, then some other is missing, and vice versa (also no more metal cases for the shruthi). One has to move fast it seems (of course I could order everything on its own, but i am such a cheap person and would like to save on the shipping … also picking up parcels is something that I would like to minimize). So I’ll keep watching :wink:

Links is out of stock, the last units I had have been shipped to distributors last week. Back in 5-6 weeks.

Regarding modules, the way it works is that I sell on the shop whatever is remaining after the distributors have placed their orders. Some of them are not so happy with the “competition” form my shop so they get served first.

ok, thanks for the quick answer!

So ‘Links’ is really gone for a while (i’ll check some of the distributors, it will be available somewhere). The distributors shouldn’t worry …

Post Modular in the UK have some.

yes, i know … but i thought i could make a big nice package with ‘Links’, a shruthi metal case, and another module i fancy. And the distributors are admittedly not entirely incorrect with their concerns: by buying in the MI store, I assume Mutable Instruments makes more profit than going through a distributor, so I can support MI without any loss for me (maybe very wrong reasoning, maybe it’s better to go to the distributors and bug them to stock more MI stuff).

Bulk orders are less work?

> Bulk orders are less work?

don’t understand. For MI? For sure, but the distributors also want their share of money. And retail price is usually the same as in the MI storefront, so I assume MI gets a bit more per unit in their own store. On the other hand, distributors, such as Post Modular, need to see that there is demand. If everybody buys in the MI storefront then they won’t stock.

For me ‘bulk’ orders (but they are really not that bulky) just save some shipping costs and it’s a bit easier to collect one package than several …

Selling on my shop:

  • More money in my pocket
  • Waste of time (packing orders, answering email, a lot of accounting nuisances, and the responsibility to make sure stuff is sold)

  • Waste of space (keeping the modules in stock)

  • More working capital (it can take 3-4 months to recoup the money I had to pay upfront for manufacturing)

Selling to distributors:

  • Less money in my pocket
  • Gain of time (one bulk order and done! and it’s no longer my responsibility to make sure the modules sell…)

  • Gain of space (when a new batch of modules is delivered it rarely stays for long)

  • Needs less working capital (the manufacturing costs can be repaid a few days after the delivery)

Things are actually neatly balanced, which makes me think that the share that the distributors ask is not a random outrageous number, but reflects the value of the service they provide.

If there hadn’t been a shop in the first place for the kit business, I wouldn’t have opened one just for selling the modules. Seen differently: the modules are sold in my DIY shop as a service for the guys who want to grab a kit and save on shipping by buying a module at the same time. I never thought that it would be the destination for a guy who wants a Mutable Instruments module without being interested in the rest of the DIY stuff…

@pichenettes: Couldn’t you set up the shop to only accept orders for modules if they’re combined with some DIY goods? It might please the distributors…

I’d feel strange if I went to the MI store with the sole purpose of getting modules alone. There’s always Ambika voicecards, motherboards or bits of Shruthi, Anushri etc to get. If I’m in the market for modules and such on their own there’s always EFN, Post, Scheiders etc. Just waiting for them to start getting the Verbos stuff too.

If I can get a module locally I will. Delivery is a little faster and the sale is in local currency. PayPal use dodgy exchange rates to pocket even more cash.

of course, buy in the MI storefront is primarily when you want some stuff that is only available there (such as kits or cases).

> I’d feel strange if I went to the MI store with the sole purpose of getting modules alone.

why this? Of course, MI is a big brand now in eurorackland and most distributors stock the modules.

However, even major distributors like Schneiders, Post Modular and EFN cannot, and do not, stock everything. I think an own store is a great opportunity for small business to be able to sell independent of distributors. This would have been much harder 10 or 15 years ago, and much of the DIY kit and boutique module stuff is only possible because of this opportunity.

It is also something entirely different than people window shopping at their local store and then buying cheap on the internet, thereby jeopardising the existence of local store. For modules the retail prices remain mostly the same, and for most people EFN, Post Modular or Schneiders is not any more ‘local’ than the manufacturer. So I don’t think this is primarily about supporting local business. That said, i would still love to see more local music shops to stock some eurorack (other than doepfer), but probably the market is simply too small.

Well, parts of the reason for the strange feeling is that I’ve been here for a while, and MI in mind is still a small, flapping bird of a DIY/Enthusiast company. I love the fact that it’s grown, and hopefully Olivier can get more value-added work done these days. Still, I’d be happy as a pig in shit if I could manage to just buy the stuff that best support the Mutable business going forward.

“Couldn’t you set up the shop to only accept orders for modules if they’re combined with some DIY goods? It might please the distributors…”

If that happened I’d be up to my neck with MIDIPals :smiley:
I didn’t know it’s a pain for Olivier to sell modules from his own store. I naively imagined it’s more money for his pocket so I always try to buy from the MI if I want a module (thankfully it’s been a 3/3 success story for me on that aspect!)

Problem is the dispatching of everything. Processing an order needs printing an Invoice, collecting the Parts, pack them, generate a Shipping label, Stick everything to the Parcel. If you do this once its just 10 Minutes. If you do this 15 times a day 2 Hours are gone…… and its not the most pleasurable thing in the world as its boring but you can’t switch to Zombie Mode as every oder is different.

I guess someday Olivier is tempted to outsource handling all the orders from the Shop….

if purchase of EU modules was linked to buying DIY stuff only it would have some potential to make the waste of space period go a bit longer. i’d think the stores should be happy that Olivier’s prices are a bit higher than theirs (at least last time i looked at Grids)

> I didn’t know it’s a pain for Olivier to sell modules from his own store.

‘a pain’ is probably a bit harsh – as i understood it just now has reached break-even where the hassle of sending a module just balances the increased revenue. A while ago this seems to have not been the case, so don’t worry if you ordered from the shop :wink:

Actually, since MI is now a major player and the modules are available is most stores, it would be totally fine if they are available exclusively via retailers. Hexinverter.net does the same: All DIY has to be ordered on site, all other stuff goes to retailers (*).

However, in general, I appreciate when (small) companies also sell directly. Most retailers seem to stock only an arbitrary selection of modules (other than those from the big names Intellijel, MakeNoise, Doepfer, Mutable Instruments, …).

ps. and this coupling to DIY is really not a good idea: either you sell or you don’t. Anything else just creates extra hassle, questions, emails, all that kind of stuff that was to be avoided in the first place.

What would be nice though, if the shop had an “available” versus “all” button. Now, it’s a bit confusing, some stuff is just “out of stock”, some disappears entirely (like the MidiPal or Links). This is not a big issue, very minor actually, but still …