What Happened To Frank (fcd72)?

The question is in the title. He seems to have evaporated…


On a forum, people come and go. :slight_smile:

Still, I hope he and everyone around him is fine.

He broke his wife’s rule about having more than one synth in the living room.

All i can say is he took gear pics on the day Paris blew up (Flickr), so i guess he’s ok.

Maybe he was here for the DIY?

@6581punk that was my thought, too. I wonder if he’s found another market for his acrylic cases.


Dunno. Was that his main business?

he’s just buried below a big pile of Christmas cards as this is his main business :wink:
I saw him @ dinotreffen a week ago.

@6581punk: his main business is postcards, greeting cards etc…

-hence having a laser-cutter, the equipment necessary to make acrylic cases for DIY synths.
Glad he’s OK, mic.w.


Too bad he seems to be a bit out of the euro/synth/diy forum scene… His Trïples LFO module is one of my modules i can’t live without.

Obligatory at this juncture:

Blank Frank

Guys, I’m totally moved that you care about me, honestly.

As comboy said, i am buried under a pile of xMas orders and forerun for spring as a result of the bad decision to make some products for the mass taste - and it looks like it gets worse.
But as we say here in germany you have to forge as long as it is hot.

At risk of capybara’ing, how do you say “you have to forge as long as it’s hot” in German? An excellent expression if ever I heard one.

Oh, and good that you’re alive and kicking, fcd72.

BennelongBicyclist +1 to that. Good to hear from you, Frank. The forum hasn’t been quite the same without your derailments.

Giving the people what they want is always dangerous :wink:
Can be quite lucrative, though.


It’s the same in dutch.

Je moet het ijzer smeden als het heet is!

Good to know you are ok Frank!

More sales = more synths :smiley:

@Benelong Bicyclist
Its “Mann muss das Eisen schmieden solange es heiss ist”

Yes Frank, we are missing you! :slight_smile:

Stay around !