What Filter to use

Hi to all @ Mutable Instrument

I have question.
So please write witch filter board you will chose from this selection:

01. LP2+Delay, the combination of a MS-20 LPF and a low-fi digital delay.

02. 4-Pole Mission, a 4-pole multimode filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander.

03. Dual SVF, the combination of two multimode 2-pole filters – in series or parallel.

04. Polivoks filter.

05. FX/Digital filter board – a nasty, crunchy, digital LPF/HPF and FX section.

06. SMR4 filter board (predecessor of the SMR4 mkII).

My selection is 4-Pole Mission or Polivorks.

What about your selection? Thank you!

There are plenty of threads about the favourite filter boards here already. Did you use the search?

No :frowning:

No worries, I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything. You’ll just get to the information you want quicker that way :wink:

Are you just asking for advice or asking making conversation? :slight_smile:

If you want to know which board is best for a style of music then do say so.

No, im youst interest what FLboard will be chosen by majority user.
But only from boards i write in post.
Thank you!

I think 4PM becuse it have all “standard filters” LP, HP, BP not only LP like poliworks etc…
More filters on board more posibilits to make better sounds (IMHO)

Each has a sweet spot and a use case. Obviously for a single unit you need the most variety.

You’ve forgotten to mention the TubeOhm boards, the stereo, ladder filter options.

Yes i understand that every FL have specific flavor.
I didnt forget TubeOhm,
Only from selection writen in post. That is point of this question.

It’s a bit strange selection since you added the mk1 version of SMR4.
I’d say get the 4pm… Not only is it very versatile it sounds great too.
Or if you have a really small setup maybe the lp2+delay because it’s handy having an extra effects. I like the aciddy sound of that too.

Make sure you get the latest version of the boards.

you could give us more information on the intended use in your style of music.

I chose 4PM beacuse 15 filters and 4 resonance flavors are outstanding from any other MI filters
Yes lp2+delay is in my interest but i dont know about qualty of lo-fi delay?
I need “pro” filters.

I have a lot tracks wit VST and similar “digital copies” of real synths,
so i want to use SHRUTHI to (replace) desing all used VST synth sounds in tracks wit SHRUTHI and record.
Style is House and some old GOA trance projects :) :)

Shruthi-Digital-v08.brd (Is this latest version?)
RAVE ON! :slight_smile:

> Is this latest version


Thank you again dear pichenettes :slight_smile:

I presume you know a lot about Shruthi project, so i will ask you (and everyone)
Where to buy all components? Does exist place that have all components for Synth and 4PM
I didnt google or searh forum (sorry)
I want to buy all components in same store to avoid aditional orders from another store (beacuse double shiping price)

Thank you all


Why don’t you want to search the forum or lookup the available resources ? IMHO that’s part of the DIY experience.

All of the information is there but I think it will be hard to find one source for all components. I’ve used Reichelt and Mouser.


You can also get complete 4PM kits from TubeOhm.com. (The Phoenix kits, http://tubeohm.com/TubeOhm/SHOP.html )
This way you also get preprogrammed chips.

> Does exist place that have all components for Synth and 4PM

No. You need to purchase from at least 3 stores to get all the parts you need.

And it’s not difficult to get this information - there’s a BOM on the build instructions page for the 4PM filter.

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Would definitely recommend getting a kit or pre-built unit if you aren’t an electronics enthusiast.

Thank you all.

Does somebody know how much cost all parts for 4PM Filter and Shruthi Synth.
witout PCB, only components! I ask for price from your expirience.
Not from “All in One” KITS and similar shops. Youst components.
Thank you

It depends on where you buy them, how much taxes you have to add, etc. Why don’t you just go to the build instructions and look at the BOM? It’s not that much work to add the parts to a shopping basket at reichelt or mouser.

Yes i understand.
I will check and ask in “local” shop
Thank you

So, this is an old post, and I’m assuming (hoping) you already have a Shruthi. If not, and for anyone else interested…

I have the LP2+Delay, the SMR4, and I’m waiting for my Dual SVF to come from my builder.

From the short time I had with it, the Dual SVF is my favorite so far. The reason I (personally) like it the most is, EVERY analogue filter in setup is a LPF. I love my LPF’s, but I needed a self oscillating HPF in my life. I hadn’t found a HPF that I loved, and had been living with the digital filter in my MS2000.

Holy crap. I found the perfect filter box. In all probability, I’m gonna use this for effect duties more than I use it for a synth. (maybe some extra voices here and there, but that filter is just so good. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Delay & SMR4, but wow the SVF is on a different level.