What filter board do i have?

Hello. I’ve recently bought a second hand Shuthri and have got it up and running.
How would I figure out which filter board is in the unit?
Presume I would need to take the enclosure off and look inside but having not built it i don’t really know what I’m looking for.
Many thanks

Check out the list of filter boards here - most filter boards have the name of the filter by the logo next to the power jack input. You should be able to just remove the back panel and take a peek from there, if you’ve got the common laser-cut case

Thank you, my case has wooden end cheeks and a metal case in between.
Will figure out how to get in and see what I’ve got.

The shruthi requires you to tell it which filter is installed. Look at the settings menu…

fil (filter): Enables software extensions for a specific filter board. The default, lpf must be selected for the SMR4 filter board. ssm must be selected for the legacy SSM2044 filter board. svf is for the dual SVF filter board, dsp the digital filter, pvk the Polivoks filter board, and dly the LP2+delay filter board.

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Thank you. I’m not with the Shuthri right now as I’m on holiday but will do that on my return.

I decided to take it apart (curiosity!), it’s the SMR4 mk 2 filter board.

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