What does the SMR stand for in SMR4p?

I’ve been under the assumption that it was related to the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator in topology, but it recently occured to me that is not likely the case. Does anyone happen to have insight into this and care to share? Thanks

This filter was released 5 years before the 4ms SMR.

Shruthi vs Smriti :slight_smile:

My mistake was thinking that Spectral Multiband Resonator was a widely used term, rather than an esoteric name for their specific product (it sounds all science-y after all). Am I correct in understanding that the SMR 4p is a reference to a hindu text instead of an industry description of the topology? Thank you for that speedy reply!

Yes there’s nothing scientific or technical in these 3 letters. The 4 is for the 4 poles/stages.