What does mean ''ogone''?

Hi Olivier,
I just ordered my second anushri
maybe this is a naive question
but what does mean the word ‘‘ogone’’ send to me by email?


They shift the money arround in Europe…

Hi shiftr
Ho, it’s just that…
I,m in quebec Canada and I never saw this word.

So, I decided to build and anushri for a friend… It’s simply so fun to do…

have a nice day :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s the credit card payment processing company.

ogone - “oh, gone” is the money…

@ ilmenator
ha, ha, that’s funny !

but, hey, I prefer saw my money goes to mutable instruments than any other…

I think it’s a Vogon payment processing front.

Hi jojjelito,
Great way of laughing and thinking.
Now I remember Douglas Adams.
And also remember others great writers who wow me in my teenagers.
Do you like Simak, Silverberg and Asimov?
I know, they are a bit less funny, but amazing too.


Classic sci-fi. Of course I’ve read those :slight_smile: Currently reading Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat again. Then it’s time for Pluterday…

Hi again, so, about stainless steel rat, I found in french the title:
ratinox, and ratinox se venge, I don’t know if it»'s the same.

but I don’t know what pluterday is in the french title, do you know? can you tell me?
I sense thatr I have to read what you talk off… :slight_smile:

I got the title Crésudi dernier ? by Paul van Herck :slight_smile: Basically, rich people could get an extra, secret day (pluterday) by saving time. The others did not know.

Surprising I had read Cresudi dernier a long time ago!
I actually found it very very funny.
But I must say that thèses so good writers, I have to read in french.
I,m a frech Canadian (quebecois) not very good in English. Some are good, but not me.

So, SF novels and electronic music, are connected. I think it’s normal… and a good thing.

I,ve got to go. Have a nice day


I worship Van Vogt and Zelazny. I also love reading E.E.Smith even if his dialog sucks and the embedded political ideas are ehmmm… ‘wrong’ doesn’t quite cover it, at times he’s actually promoting a kind of neo-slavery… But his books are great as an example of how sci-fi reflects the mainstream perception of technological advance. In his early books, each new generation of spaceship gets more and more rows of gauges, buttons and dials while in his later books, the ship is thought controlled and the Human Interface is reduced to a helmet which you wear while sitting in an otherwise empty room. You can see the same thing happening over the years in Star Trek.

There is so much good sci-fi.
Have not read Harry Harrison in years. Zelazny is awesome. Used to like the Lensman series.
Give Neverness a try …