What do people think of Clouds Parasite V2.0?

@toneburst: why not go even further then and just use Audulus on a big touch screen? :slight_smile:

I was going to add that… :wink:



Really cool but mine crashed one time in a week of massive use

I’m sure Matthias will be glad if you could provide him some info on the crash.

Crosspost from Muffs but just incase anyone here isn’t there and would find these useful.

CloudsCSpara.pdf.zip (42.5 KB)

I’m aware of the bug (granular, with reverse active, right?); it’s been signaled on MW already. It’s a difficult one to catch because it happens only every now and then (I’ve experienced it once in two weeks and can’t reproduce it now). I need a bit more time.

@erstlaub: Very nice, thanks!

I also found my clouds was crashing with parasites installed. It seemed to happen after a while in specific knob settings in the oliverb mode but right now I can’t reproduce it. Seemed like some sort of “callback not complete before next callback occurs” problem. The leds would freeze and the module would emit a nasty oscillation sound, almost like a samplebuffer that doesn’t get refreshed and is replayed constantly. Hard to tell without knowing the code. I guess the STM sits in a while(1) {} loop at the end of a HardFault handler while the DAC keeps repeating its old buffer.

Also the resonator mode seems to randomly skip triggers. I’m using grids as a trigger source, so maybe the trigger is too short to notice when parasites is busy. Is the trigger input interrupt based, or is it polled?

@TheSlowGrowth - It’s been awhile since I had my grids, but I believe you can switch it from Trigger to Gate mode and have it output gates if you want to test your “triggers being too short” hypothesis!

Exactly…granular with reverse active

Isn’t the Ornament and Crimes template pretty much an open canvas to do just about anything?

I imagine something with a screen like that with 4 to 6 soft keys under the screen to allow you to go into different menus…

The only thing that could perhaps become confusion would be the patch points…