What candy did you have?

I noticed on this picture that some of the Yellow Magic ones came with some yellow “fur Dich” candy. Mine came with a orange “fruchte” candy. What did yours come with?

My shruthi1 came with the fur Dich which was great, gotta find it somewhere

I’ve got Fuer Dich. Although it should really read “Fuer deine Kinder”. It’s either that or let them chew on resistor lead cutoffs.

i got a red one with the 4pm case. i leant back and enjoyed it very much.

I got a vivil with the 4pm, but it stay near me, i’m waiting to finish the polyvoks to eat it !

Guys, you got me smiling!

I gots my various candy with the different Shruthii but I eated it! Thanks to Frank I now buy Haribo Mega Roulettes sometimes! That and Maoam has a certain chemical allure… Zoot Allures, there’s an almost finished bag of French fruit toffees on the table. Frank Zappa rolls on my Spotify.

This candy is damned expensive, but it comes with great prizes in the box! They also comes in so many colors!

I got some kind of icy chilly frosty cold crisp candy with my 4pm, it was like I was in the picture with that animal and its eyes…

Now I have the fruchte candy too. But I must wait till I finish the build to enjoy! That is the rule, it is why they say victory is sweet:)

nope i ate mine even before starting the 4PM. i hope that’s not bad karma now

red one here, but waiting for the rest of the pieces to taste it…

Für Dich with the first two, the Yellow Magic came with the Früchte one. I’m saving them up for a great big decadent victory feast some day. I hope the Ambika will come with multiple candies since it’s polyphonic?