What are you listening to right now? UPDATE: Playlist in top

It’s nice. I bought the CD album when it came out, because I’m old, and do things like that :wink:

The booklet that came with it is rather lovely.

I’m listening to “Moonstone” by Jade Rose.

Just can’t stop listening to Alex Cameron’s album “Jump the shark”

The minilogue just became that much cooler!

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Casually I was re-hearing some stereolab songs today and saw that video, it made me really happy to see them again. If by chance I can go to any of their next gigs… I wouldn’t think twice :smiley:


I wish I could as well, unfortunately the tickets instantly sold out.

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Watched that on the train home yesterday, instead of answering emails. Amazingly tight set, they’re sounding as good as ever (except no-one can replace Mary’s harmonies, of course).

Laetitia: “Thank you, we love you too. Now we play Miss Modular.”

Hope they come to Oz in 2020.

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