What are you listening to right now? UPDATE: Playlist in top


Pendant (aka Huerco S.)'s album ‘Make Me Know You Sweet’ has been on near constant playback for me since it was released earlier this year.


I found this record in the used new arrivals bin at a local record store earlier this year–has become one of my current favorites and most listened to since!



waooow i didnt rememeber this theme was so cool!


Apparently Stereolab are reforming, at least for one festival appearance.


Today this :heart:
BITCHIN BAJAS - DSR LINES -The Encyclopedia of Civilizations vol. 2- Atlantis- Lp

Jon Hassell - Listening To Pictures


This is a great thread, my own listening isn’t very groundbreaking currently - I love soundtracks and I love Mogwai, so this ticks both boxes :slight_smile:


@Markthom & @karim All three added to the list :grinning:


Not listening to anything right now. Most recently listened to the long version of “Blues For Ceaucescu” by Fatima Mansions.



The first season of Les Revenants is absolutely fantastic IMHO and I like the soundtrack a lot (was very disappointed with the 2nd season though)


Added to the playlist.