What are you listening to right now? UPDATE: Playlist in top

Since this quickly became goldmine, I consolidated it all into a playlist, for continuous listening:
Here for one evil platform: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/21B9ZmK3I7BYdmWvUO5ktl
and here for another: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2r7e5Sda722RODE5FPySrKR9aTJZlzID

I’m trying to finish up exams, and could use a bit of musical input, so let’s start a WAYLTRN list.

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Matthew Dear’s latest album, Bunny.
Particularly like the track Modafinil Blues, though the others also bear repeated listening.


Chronicles II by The 7th Plain (Luke Slater).

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“Nils Frahm - All Melody” is worth a listen. Soundpainting with electronic and acoustic instruments, just the right speed and vibe for studying


Ursula K. LeGuin and Todd Barton’s “Music and Poetry of the Kesh”. A beautiful balance of “enough-to-fall-into” versus “things-that-cannot-be-analyzed-so-just-enjoy-them”.

Followed by the new Elvis Costello followed by a collection of Paul Desmond tracks from 1957.

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I just can’t get enough of Bernard Herrmann’s score to Taxi Driver. Just such a mesmerizing concoctions of oschesteral brass swells and lilting saxophone/trumpet melodies. If fills me with a dream-like sensations of calmness and dread.


Field Music - Open here

Cat’s Eyes - The Duke of Burgundy soundtrack

Art Feynman - Blast Off Through the Wicker

And this, oh this, how much I love Pram!

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So good!

Didn’t know them. Really nice.

I saw him while he was touring the previous album. Good gig!

Holy Smokes! This is one of my top three all time favorite bands of my youth (along with Broadcast and Stereolab). I had all their albums a decade ago when music was played off CD’s. I had no Idea they released a new album this year, and listening to it now, I think this could be my favorite new release of 2018. Super happy about this, thanks @pichenettes :blush:

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Skipping through that Pram album, I’m reminded very much of White Noise, the David Vorhaus and Delia Derbyshire project, and the album “An Electric Storm”, from 1969.

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Just working my way through the complete oeuvre of Mouse on the Keys (it’s not large), although their first album is still my favourite:

And also the original works of local (Australian) group Topology, for example:


I think they were definitely influenced by that album, which is also a classic. I think the first track is probably my favorite

I think there is probably some The United States of America in there as well.


Well this has been a fruitful thread – I just dropped $90 on CDs from bands I’ve never heard of before! Thanks to you all for your excellent taste and suggestions.



We shared a very similar youth :slight_smile:

Laetitia Sadier is still active.

Broadcast remains a strong influence (Tara King Th, Death and Vanilla, Melody’s Echo Chamber…).

And Pram gifted us this album :slight_smile:

Two French bands you might like:

Aquaserge – Sounds like a more playful, Frenchier, John McEntire side-project. Then you can open this PDF and start singing random paragraphs in your best Laetitia Sadier impersonation.

Forever Pavot – A not-so-serious synthesis of plenty of influences (Gainsbourg, François de Roubaix).


Agreed. let’s keep it rolling :grinning:

“New Japanese electronic-folklore music (not “Ambient music”)”

The whole album is really worth a listen, and is the other works.

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“Before” by Reed & Caroline, is intriguing. It’s on a 7” single that came with Electronic Sound magazine a couple of issues ago. Makes me want to check out the album.


That’s so sweet. If had kids, this would be on repeat.

My little boy likes it, actually.